Rainy Weekend Workouts (plus rest of week’s workouts)


I was going to hold off on recapping my workouts from last week until tomorrow, under the slight assumption that one of these days (like maybe today) I would get to Long Beach to run during the holiday weekend.

Well, the rain has been RELENTLESS and even this morning, although I think it stopped raining, it’s rather dreary still and not worth heading to the beach.

I can’t remember another Memorial Day weekend that was so COLD and RAINING the ENTIRE weekend.

Anyway, I still had a nice week of workouts. I ran when I could last week and filled in the rest of the days with yoga, pilates, and even some higher intensity yoga sculpt again.

To be honest, I don’t mind if rain interferes with my workout plans. I just readjust and plan my runs around the weather.

Melissa wood health

I LOVE Melissa Wood Health‘s workouts but sometimes I still like the higher intensity yoga practices so I found a few on Youtube in the last week (noted below).

Remember when I used to do Lifetime workouts online? Well, I had access to their online workouts from my son’s membership and even when he canceled, Lifetime still had the online workouts for free. At some point they wised up and started charging so instead, I just browse Youtube for the random days when I want something other than running or Melissa Wood Health workouts.

Monday – 16 Min Pilates + 14 Min Arms/Abs/Walk

Tuesday – 5 Mile Run

I made up a speed workout after a one-mile warm-up but it wasn’t specific enough to share the details.

Wednesday – 30 Min Yoga Sculpt/30 Min Walk

I tried this 30 minute Yoga Sculpt that I found on Youtube and really liked it!

Thursday – 29 Min Yoga/3 Mile Run

I woke up tired from last night’s Islanders game (they won!) and sore from yesterday’s yoga sculpt workout. But it was sunny and warm outside so I knew I wanted to run.

The best decision I made was to do Melissa Wood Health’s new stretching yoga practice first. It woke me up and made me feel ready to run. With three easy miles outside followed by a little more yoga stretching when I returned (who knew I could love pigeon pose?), I felt happy and ready for the day.

Friday – 18 Min Yoga/5 Miles

I ran this morning because I knew the weekend weather forecast was not looking good!

Saturday – 35 Min HIIT + Power Yoga Fusion/10 Min Abs Flow

A very rainy morning (and cold!) meant no running today. I liked Wednesday’s Yoga Sculpt so I tried this 35 Min Yoga HIIT – another good one! These workouts remind me of Warrior Sculpt and FIRE which were my favorite power yoga workouts from Lifetime.

I tacked on a 10-minute abs flow from Melissa Wood Health to finish things up.

Sunday – 40 Min Yoga + Pilates Flow

Another rainy day so I chose a yoga/pilates flow, adding 1 lb weights during the Pilates portions. SO GOOD.


Memorial Day Weekend Flashbacks:

I’ve run the Long Beach City Manager’s 10-mile race, which happens every Memorial Day weekend, three times since starting this blog.

Long Beach

Here are the recaps if you are interested!

Long Beach 10 Mile Race (2019)

Long Beach 10 Mile Race (2017)

Long Beach 10 Mile Race (2014)


Hope you have had a nice long weekend and better weather than here in New York!

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