Friendly’s Ice Cream + Update on Chocolate Chips (plus favorite finds)


It’s been a BUSY week of work but a super exciting week at the same time because the Islanders won their playoff series and will move on to Round 2 of the playoffs!

While I didn’t go to the games, my son did, and might I add, I taught him so well.

He knew to stop at Friendly’s after the big win Wednesday night to celebrate with ice cream.

He sent me this picture of his sundae (again, taught him so well) which I needed to share here on the blog. Remember our Friendly’s ice cream sundaes from years past? We used to get the crowd-pleaser ice cream sundae. Good times.

friendly's ice cream

In not-so-happy news, I went back to Trader Joe’s to straighten out the semi-sweet chocolate chips issue.

It’s still an issue.

My favorite chocolate chips are still missing from the shelves. I asked the cashier about the situation (to me this is a situation) and she informed me that it’s simply new packaging.

Well no. It’s not. I compared the ingredients to a package I still had in the house and the ingredients are different. She wasn’t aware of this so she didn’t really know what to say to me.

Great. I can’t talk about it. I will miss those semi-sweet chocolate chips if Trader Joe’s changed the recipe.

Trader Joe's chocolate chips

I’ll cheer myself up by looking at my new Stoney Clover pouch again. I wish the weather forecast was looking better for this Memorial Day weekend so that I could use this pouch at the beach but whatever, I will take the extra day off on Monday.

stoney clover clear pouch

Recent Favorite Finds:

I bought Glossier’s new Ultralip and it lives up to the description of being the cashmere sweatpants of lipstick.

What it is: The rich moisture of a balm, the sheen of a gloss, and the buildable color of a lip tint, without the hassle of layering multiple products—it’s one tube, one step, one… Ultralip!

If you are looking for a clean ingredient, natural deodorant that works, I do recommend Sweet Pitti from Drunk Elephant. I’m shocked it works so well.

I’ve never been a face powder person but suddenly I’m obsessed with Tactcha’s new silk powder protective setting powder. Clean ingredients, a little goes a long way, I barely need other makeup, and it doesn’t cake or matte your face. There’s a glow without shine when you look at yourself on zoom.

I knew I should have ordered this smocked mini dress from Rails. My size is sold out but maybe they still have it in-store. This one is nice too.

The button-downs from Rails aren’t cheap but they are honestly worth the investment. I love this one with the little hearts.

Bloomingdale’s now sells Carmen Sol bags for summer! The baby blue is the most gorgeous color, remember when my friends bought me one for my 40th birthday?

Last but not least, I really like this tie-back tank from J.Crew. They are on sale for the holiday weekend too.

Have a great weekend!

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