First Beach Run Of Season (weekly workout recap)

My little runner heart is just so happy to be back in my running season.

I know I said this last week but it’s worth noting again because I just feel so much more like my runner self as the temperatures heat up and the sun shines bright so early in the morning.

Last week was an excellent week in running for the following reasons:

  • I happily ran four days
  • My mileage easily went slightly over 20 miles for the week
  • I felt great
  • One run was on the boardwalk!

Long Beach boardwalk

It was warmer than usual for this time of year over the last few days but I’m adjusting well so far. It won’t be as warm this week but at least the sun is out and shining early! Makes such a difference for a morning person like me.

All yoga/pilates workouts listed below are Melissa Wood Health.

Monday – 5 Miles

Played with some speed today!

  • Mile 1 – Warm-Up
  • Mile 2/3 – Alternating 1 min hard/1 min easy
  • Mile 4 – 2 min hard/1 min easy
  • Mile 5 – Easy

Tuesday – 29 Min Full Body Strong Power Series/Walk

Wednesday – 3 Mile Walk/12 Min Arms (1 lb weights)

Thursday – 5 Miles

Mostly easy run but faster than I’ve been because I am happier running in the warmer weather!

Friday – 40 Min Pilates (1 lb weights + resistance band)

Saturday – 7 Miles

I didn’t mean to run seven miles today!

My friend called towards mile three and I slowed to chat with her. Once I was off the phone (right around mile five), I picked up the pace again until reaching six miles. Although I thought about stopping to walk, I decided to keep running for a little bit which turned into continuing to seven miles.

Sunday – 6 Miles (Boardwalk Run)

This was my first run on the boardwalk in Long Beach of the season!

I was so happy to be back running by the beach with the bright sun and warm air. It was pretty warm for this time of year (already 75 degrees in the morning) but I didn’t care! I was in the mood to sweat.

This run flew by. I barely remember any of the miles! I had planned on running five miles but added an extra mile as a cool down.

Long Beach ny

Maybe the most exciting thing about running by the beach again was packing up my Stoney Clover pouch to take with me.

I bought a new Stoney Clover clear travel pouch for this summer with the pretty shell letters and I’m obsessed.

stoney clover clear pouch

Last summer I wrote a post about what I bring in my Stoney Clover pouch for beach runs — here’s the link if you want to revisit it!

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