My Running Season (weekly workout recap)

I’m so happy to be back in my running season. Earlier sunrises and warmer weather make it so much more inviting for me to be in the mood to run each week!

While it’s still mostly in the 50’s while I am running, I can’t wait for the hotter, even humid weather. Over the years, I’ve really grown to like running in summer weather. If I need to slow down at all in the heat and humidity, I don’t care. I enjoy running in the warmer weather more than any other time of year!

spring running

All yoga/pilates workouts below are Melissa Wood Health unless otherwise noted.

Monday – 5 Mile Run

Easy miles.

Tuesday – 30 Min Yoga Pilates Flow/40 Min Walk

Wednesday – 5 Mile Run

Easy miles.

Thursday – 20 Min Full Body Power Series (1 lb weights) + 5 Min Arms/35 Min Walk

Friday – 20 Min Yoga/3 Mile Run

I started with this Vinyasa for Vitality from Do Yoga With Me before heading outside for an easy run.

Saturday – 5 Miles/15 Min Arms + Abs 

Easy run but with a little more effort than earlier in the week.

Sunday – 36 Min Pilates (1 lb weights + band)/Walk

Note: Make sure you are wearing your sunblock during outdoor workouts! I wear this one from Skinceuticals (SPF 50) on my face for workouts and the beach from now through summer and this one from Drunk Elephant (SPF 30) year-round. For body, I use this one which you can get at Target.

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    I enjoy running in the warmer weather, too. Plus, warmer weather normally means the sun is up, or closer to up, which is better than running in the dark!

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