Mother’s Day Breakfast at Maureen’s Kitchen (plus workout recap)


I’m very happy to say that we went to Maureen’s Kitchen bright and early yesterday morning for our 12th annual Mother’s Day Breakfast!

It was so nice to have my favorite baked oatmeal once again.

After trying to take out breakfast last year during the pandemic and not being successful, this year was extra special. I’m so overly appreciative of the ability to dine out in restaurants now. What used to be a give-in, we have now learned not to take for granted.

baked oatmeal

In workout news, last week was a nice mix of walking, running, and Melissa Wood Health workouts. I’m hoping to run at least three days this week!

Monday – 3 Mile Walk

Tuesday – 22 Min Booty, Back, Legs/45 Min Walk

Wednesday – 30 Min Cardio Warm-Up + Full Body Flow/45 Min Walk

Thursday – 5 Mile Run

Friday – 5 Mile Run

Saturday – 22 Min Power Yoga/25 Min Full Body Flow

Sunday – 3 Miles Walk/20 Min Power Series

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