Workouts + Why I Don’t Have Seasonal Allergies Anymore + MWH Prop Kit

Happy Monday!

I have a few things to say before getting to my workouts:

I ran three times last week. Three runs seem like a good amount right now although as it gets warmer outside, I may bump it up to four runs again. It’s really hard to say! I go by my mood and it truly all depends upon the day and the weather. I don’t always feel like running but then I will have a day when I know I’m totally in the mood to run.

All of my runs were easy. I’m not in the mood to go any faster than an easy pace. This could change in an instant.

I am really looking forward to my boardwalk runs soon! I may be running less as of late but that doesn’t mean I won’t be running on the boardwalk this summer! Can’t wait. I’ll probably start around Memorial Day Weekend. 🙂

Should we discuss allergy season? I’m not totally sure that it’s even allergy season right now since I don’t have allergies anymore. Like, I look at the blooming trees while I’m outside running or walking and I still feel afraid to walk underneath them in fear of what the pollen will do to me BUT it doesn’t do ANYTHING. I keep thinking that the pollen count isn’t high or something. But it is. And I feel NOTHING. I still can’t believe it. But it’s true.

Ever since I switched to a vegetarian diet in 2012, my springtime seasonal allergies, which I suffered with severely since childhood, DISAPPEARED.

If you struggle with seasonal allergies and hate how they affect your springtime workouts (and life overall), I do encourage a switch to a vegetarian or plant-based diet. Or at the very least, put a heavier focus on whole, nutrient-dense foods including an abundance of fruits and vegetables, and limit animal protein when possible. Trust me when I say, what we eat really does affect our health, immune system, and how we feel.

Reduce inflammation in the body and you will reduce and even eliminate your allergies. It’s true because I have experienced it.

When you follow a high-nutrient diet, you are creating an environment in your body that promotes proper immune function and regulation of the inflammatory response, which may help to blunt allergy symptoms naturally.(source)

Allergic diseases are characterized by inflammation. Antioxidants combat inflammation. While the volume of studies may be small, the growing evidence points to a diet high in antioxidants (fruits, nuts, beans, and vegetables) as being helpful in reducing symptoms of the allergic diseases of rhinitis, asthma, and eczema. (source)

chops salad

Saturday’s nutrient-dense salad from Chopt!

I wrote a bit more in-depth about my meatless diet a few years ago including how I became a meatless eater and the health benefits experienced — here’s that post if you are interested in learning more.

Workout Recap

All workouts listed below aside from running and walking are Melissa Wood Health. If you haven’t tried her platform but think you might be interested, definitely sign up for the free trial!

Monday – 3 Mile Run/10 Min Power Abs

Lately, I either run three miles or go for 30 minutes during the workweek. It’s just enough to energize me for the day.

Tuesday – 20 Min Full Body Flow/3 Mile Walk

Wednesday – 20 Min Arms/Abs/A** + 3 Mile Walk

Made it outside for a walk before the rain!

Thursday – 36 Min Pilates

Way too cold and windy to go outside this morning.

Friday – 30 Min Run/10 Min Arms

Saturday – 5 Miles/16 Min Standing Chair Series (1 lb weights)

Sunday – 22 Min Power Yoga/21 Min Pilates (using 1lb weights, band, and ball)

I ended up ordering the Melissa Wood Health Prop Kit (which is now sold out). While I didn’t need the ball (since I have a red Pure Barre ball), it was worth it to me to grab the full set with 1 lb weights and a resistance band. Plus, I love that it came with a pouch. 🙂

Melissa wood health prop kit

Have a great week!


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