Last Week’s Workouts (running + walking + MWH Method)

Happy Monday!

I just have a quick recap of last week’s workouts as there isn’t very much to add to the conversation.

There were three runs at mostly easy paces, walks when I could, and great yoga/pilates style workouts from Melissa Wood Health.

Have a great week!

Workouts from last week:

Monday – 30 Min Full Body Flow/Short Walk

Tuesday – 30 Min Run/12 Min Booty Burn

Those 12 minutes were harder than the 30 minutes of running, that’s for sure.

Wednesday – 23 Min Yoga Flow/45 Min Walk

Thursday – 30 Min Run/15 Min Ab Focused Flow

Friday – 33 Min Full Body Power Flow/13 Min Arms (1 lb weights)

Saturday – 6 Miles

I played with some speed during this run but nothing specific enough to write out as a workout.

Sunday – 29 Min Full Body Power Series/ 3 Mile Walk


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