7 Recent Meals Including Maoz + Vegan BLT + Ralph’s Ices

Seven meals to share with you today! Let’s start with pizza. 🙂

I had my usual whole wheat margarita pizza with a salad the other night. This dinner is really one of my favorite go-to meals.

whole wheat margarita pizza

Another night turned into pizza for dinner too. This time it was the vegetable slice from Mario’s. The crust isn’t whole wheat like Monte’s vegetable slice and the vegetables aren’t piled high on top but I still really like it. I like both types of vegetable pizza.

vegetable pizza

I’m obsessed with this ingredient combination for my Chopt salads right now.

  • Romaine
  • Spinach
  • Roasted Chickpeas
  • Hearts of Palm
  • Cauliflower Quinoa Tabouli
  • Avocado
  • Pickled Onions
  • Beets

Tzaziki Dressing on the side.

chopt salad

Have you tried Banza chickpea pasta yet? It’s so good.

Banta pasta primavera

I made a vegan BLT!

Here’s what happened.

My son has been making bacon lately and as you know, the smell of bacon lingers which made me want bacon too. While sometimes I will take a bite of regular bacon or eat it if I’m out and it somehow ends up in the salad, I don’t go out of my way to eat bacon since I’m a vegetarian.

The easiest solution for a bacon craving caused by the smell of bacon in my house was to find a vegan bacon and make myself  a vegan BLT.

I bought Morningstar Farms bacon which is technically not vegan — it’s considered vegetarian (which I didn’t realize until I brought it home).

In my opinion, the Morningstar Farms bacon is no substitute for real bacon BUT if you put it all together in a BLT sandwich, it does do the trick.

I used Dave’s Killer bread along with lettuce, tomato, and avocado too. This almost vegan BLT sandwich definitely satisfied my bacon craving.

vegan blt

I had a delicious salad bowl from Maoz for the first time in forever.

Who remembers when I would create giant Maoz salad bowls in the city back in the day? The Maoz city locations were the best since they offered a do it yourself salad bar. I would literally load my bowl as high as possible! I wonder if the Maoz locations in the city are still set up as do it yourself salad bars, I really need to get to the city soon to see!

maoz salad

Last by not least, I had Ralph’s Ices one night. I only ever get two flavors, either the rainbow cookie or snickers fudge ices.

ralphs ices

I couldn’t decide which flavor to get so I got both this time.

ralphs ices

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