Last Week’s Workouts plus New Workout Apparel

Before we jump into my workouts, I wanted to share a few new clothes I bought for my workouts.

These GapFit High Waisted Organic Cotton Full Length-Leggings are cute and perfect for yoga, pilates, and walking. I really like filling in my workout apparel wardrobe with GapFit since it’s reasonably priced and decently durable in that I easily get a few seasons out of each item. The only thing I should have done was remember to order the petite sizing. I love that GapFit offers petite. The pants still fit fine in the regular size but a high waist on a petite person can become a seriously high waist.

I also like these GapFit Brushed Tech Jersey Strappy Back Tank Tops. These tank tops with a built-in shelf bra are great for yoga and pilates. I also wear them for walks and used to wear them for Pure Barre too. Basically anything but running.

Oh, and I finally bought a Beyond Yoga outfit. I chose the charcoal space-dye racerback cropped top with matching pants. I kept putting off getting this outfit but I really liked the material and style — I’m so glad I bought it. Such a nice outfit for yoga or honestly, for a casual outfit with a cardigan, sweatshirt, or jean jacket over it.

Last Week’s Workouts:

Monday – 20 Min Arms, Abs, & A**/ 3 Mile Walk

I loved the title of this new workout from Melissa Wood Health. It’s amazing what you can do in 20 minutes using your own bodyweight!

Workouts like today leave me so energized and I didn’t even need to sweat.

Tuesday – 35 Min Yoga/40 Min Walk

I saw that there was a new “vigorous flow” from Do Yoga With Me with Fiji McAlpine so I just had to try it. I definitely recommend this yoga flow if you like the power vinyasa style. It is not as vigorous as HIIT yoga workouts but it’s still a good one if you want to move a bit quicker and get your heart rate up a little more.

Wednesday – 30 Min Run/10 Min Power Abs

I love Melissa Wood Health ab workouts because they are more full body to me and involve stretching and lengthening. Focus on ab and core yes, but so much more than that if you ask me.

Thursday – 30 Min Run/15 Min Standing Arms & Abs 

Friday – 45 Min Full Body Yoga Pilates Flow

Saturday – 7 Min Warm Up Yoga/30 Min Run

I started with this Warm Up Sun Salutations Yoga Flow from Do Yoga With Me and then went outside to run. I really wasn’t feeling in the mood to run but I saw rain in the forecast for tomorrow so I knew today was my weekend running day. I stopped at the 30-minute mark because I still just wasn’t in the mood to run. I figured I would walk but then it started to rain! So I went home.

Sunday – 22 Min Power Yoga/21 Min Power Arms + Abs

This is one of my favorite yoga flows from Melissa Wood Health. Her power arms and abs workout was great too and once again, her ab workouts are full body.  LOVE IT.


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