Friday Fashion Faves + Stoney Clover Picnic Collection

Just a few Friday Favorites for today!

First, can we just discuss again how I thought this colorway of my new Brooks Ghost 13’s was boring? It’s not boring! I really like the subtleness of the gray, and, I think I would go out of my way to order this color again on purpose. Maybe I don’t need exciting, bright-colored running shoes after all.

Oh, and yes, the Ghosts are always super comfortable. My feet really love them.

brooks ghost 13

In Stoney Clover news, their new Picnic Collection launched yesterday. Stoney Clover product launches are always a big deal filled with anticipation of the launch day and time!

stoney clover picnic collection

I always recommend a small pouch, the fanny pack looks so cute, and I definitely want a tote.

The new patches are adorable too — I have yet to make any final patch-pouch decisions. There are so many good choices although I always gravitate towards a cupcake. And ice cream cones.

Not Stoney Clover but I love this pretty tie-dye-looking tote anyway.

Did you see Forever 21 has a collaboration with Juicy Couture? A lot is sold out already but I want to go to the store today to see what they have available!

I naturally gravitate towards skirts like this.

Bloomingdale’s is running Friends & Family still so you can get this ruffled mini skirt AND this flounce mini skirt with an additional 25% off if you act quick! Go with this cropped tee in pink too.


I’m already working on my picks for the upcoming Sephora Spring Sale which I will share next week. I can’t believe it’s time for another Sephora Savings Event!

In the meantime, here are my most recent Sephora Savings posts to get you started thinking about what you may want to stock up on with the discount:

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