I Can’t Believe I Didn’t… (weekly workout recap)

You won’t even believe this.

I was due for a new pair of running shoes so I decided to go back to the Brooks Ghost 13 after a brief hiatus. When the new pair of Ghosts arrived at my door late in the afternoon Thursday, I put them on quickly to take a walk.

But what I DIDN’T DO was rush to run in my new running shoes. Usually, I’m so excited about a new pair of running shoes that I run as soon as possible after receiving them. This time, I didn’t feel like it and figured I would wait until Saturday, which was when I had planned on running again.

Who doesn’t run as soon as they can with a new pair of running shoes?! I guess the answer is me. I’m now the person who can wait.

brooks ghost 13

Monday – 20 Min Full Body Power Flow/40 Min Walk 

For the most part, the mornings are still chilly so I bundle up with the lululemon scuba hoodie and my favorite sherpa pom beanie for my walks.

selfie while walking

Tuesday – 30 Min Run/5 Min Arms

  • Mile 1: Warm-Up
  • Mile 2: .25 hard/.25 easy/.25 hard/.10 easy/.15 hard
  • Mile 3: .25 easy/.75 hard
  • cool down to 30 minutes

Wednesday – 27 Min Power Pilates Legs/30 Min Walk

Thursday – 20 Min Power Yoga Flow/30 Min Run

Friday – 25 Min Cardio Warm-Up + Full Body Flow/30 Min Walk

At first, I wasn’t happy about ordering the new Ghosts in this boring shade of gray but then I wore them and realized they are actually nice. Once I looked down during this walk, I realized that boring gray isn’t all that boring. It might even be pretty.

I usually prefer running shoes to be as bright and colorful as possible but maybe I will change my tune on this opinion.

gray workout outfit

Saturday – 5 Miles/15 Min Ab Focused Flow

I’m proud of myself for remembering this speed workout that I made up as I was running!

  • mile 1: warm-up
  • mile 2: .25 hard/.10 easy/.25 hard/.10 easy/.30 hard
  • mile 3: .20 easy/.50 hard/.10 easy/.20 hard
  • mile 4: .25 easy/.75 hard
  • mile 5: alternating .10 easy/.10 hard

I walked my cool down and then did the new 15-minute ab-focused flow – I LOVE MELISSA WOOD HEALTH WORKOUTS. I can’t say enough about how much I love the platform and how glad I am that I signed up a couple of months ago.

Sunday – 4o Min Pilates Flow


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    You may have written about this before, but how often do you change shoes? Or when do you know it’s time to order new ones? I am never quite sure how long to let mine go, but with the expense of running shoes, want to use them for all they’re worth!

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