Mandarin Oranges vs. Clementines + Plus A Few Recent Meals

Well, suddenly it’s Wednesday and I’m here to talk food yet I don’t have much food to show you today.


I haven’t taken a picture of the salads I’ve been eating daily at home because they look the same as every other week.

I’ve been eating a lot of the cutie clementines, or so I thought, as they are actually Halo mandarin oranges. Anyone else confusing the little oranges they are eating? Like I keep peeling cuties to only now realize that the mesh bag says Halo and that they are in fact mandarin oranges. Does that mean my mandarin oranges aren’t clementines or are mandarins and clementines the same thing? Of course, I had to google the differences between clementines and mandarin oranges because I just assumed you would like to know too. Here’s the answer.

And then I got caught up with work plus already trying to figure out how I would like to design my son’s dorm room that I fell behind on considering today’s post. Boys are so easy. My son asked what I was doing the other morning and I told him I was doing my research on what he will need for his dorm room while picking out his bedding and his reply was, “oh ok, cool.”

I did choose these two slices of Sicilian pizza from La Piazza over the weekend. They just looked so irresistible! The sauce from La Piazza is definitely a favorite of mine.

Sicilian Pizza

And I did have a chopped salad from Town Bagel.

In the salad was:

  • romaine
  • tomatoes
  • cucumbers
  • roasted red peppers
  • mushrooms
  • beets
  • roasted cauliflower
  • chickpeas
  • avocado

This chopped salad was so big that I had half of it for lunch and the other half for dinner. I don’t even know how it was as big as it was and still fit inside the usual container.

chopped salad

For dinner, I added half of a toasted maple raisin multigrain bagel with melted mozzarella cheese and mashed avocado.

bagel and chopped salad

Hopefully next week I have a few more meals to chat about!

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