Spring is Here! (workouts from last week)

Happy Spring!

We made it through the winter! I’m happy to report that getting through the winter without a treadmill was super easy. I don’t even know if I will go back to using the treadmill if/when restrictions are lifted at the gym in my community. I’m kinda fine not running if I can’t run outdoors for weather reasons. In fact, I think that having the treadmill would cause me to have to make choices on bad weather days and I like not having running as a choice sometimes.

I ran three days last week and filled in the rest of my workout time with Melissa Wood Health workouts. And walking, don’t forget walking. Why do people consider walking a rest day? I don’t get it. I mean, it’s less impact than running but to me, it’s still “movement” and “exercise” even if it’s not too strenuous.

Monday – 22 Min Power Yoga/22 Min Power Pilates

It was back to cold temperatures outside this morning (low 20’s) so I was not going outside. I was tired from both the time change and being at the Islanders game last night – this yoga/pilates workout combination really woke me up in the best way.

Tuesday – 30 Minute Run/15 Min Standing Arms + Abs Series (using bodyweight)

I really like 30-minute runs, especially during the week. I ran three miles progression style and then cooled down to reach 30 minutes total.

Wednesday – 21 Min Full Body Power Flow/35 Min Walk

Thursday – 30 Min Run/16 Min Lower Body 

Another 30-minute run morning followed by a lower-body workout from Melissa Wood Health.

Friday – 5 Min Dancing Sock Series + 30 Min Full Body Flow + 30 Min Walk

This dancing in socks workout was so fun and definitely got my heart rate up! It was a fun little warm-up.

Saturday – 6 Miles

I planned on running five miles but my friend called me right as I was lacing up my shoes so I talked to her for the first four miles of the run. Since I ran at such an easy, conversational pace for the first four miles, I decided to tack on an extra mile so that I ran about two miles a little faster once I was off the phone.

Sunday – 40 Min Yoga + Pilates Flow/Walk

I’m not sure how long my morning walk, maybe 45 minutes? I also went for a walk while at my parents’ house later in the day in which included passing by my old high school.

Kennedy high school

Back in high school, I had a doctor’s note to excuse me from running the dreaded, required mile in gym class.  I’ve told this story before but the one time my note wasn’t in on time, my gym teacher made me run that mile…and I fainted and threw up after I finished.

She never made me run again after that experience but hey, look at me now! I think my gym teacher (if she’s still alive) would be really proud of me. 🙂

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