Fanny Pack Issues + Friday Faves (Friends & Family Sales included!)

A few favorites on this last Friday of winter!

I’m so happy about the start of the spring season this weekend. While we aren’t totally free from the cold weather, I know we are that much closer to consistent warmer weather…and summer! Although, summer this time around also means my son leaves for college at the end of August. I’ve got a lot to get in order before that happens so maybe I shouldn’t rush the seasons.

I loved this view from the escalator inside the Prudential Center at Sunday’s Islanders game in New Jersey. When you sit in the traffic between New York and New Jersey, you feel so far yet you are still so close.

New York City

So get this. I used my Stoney Clover Fanny Pack for the Islanders game but they wouldn’t let me in at security. Apparently, my fanny pack was too big and not allowed into the building. I was not aware of the security changes for COVID restrictions but it seems they wanted either no bags inside or something even smaller than my fanny pack because they aren’t fully touching/searching bags.

Stoney Clover fanny pack

Many of us were walking back to our cars to put our bags away to then reenter the arena.

As I held my wallet and phone throughout the game, I spent my time thinking of the other bag options I already own that I could have used had I known the rules in advance.

I also found a better-sized fanny pack/belt bag to get just in case. The lululemon everywhere belt bag is smaller and would be acceptable under these types of restrictions. It’s at an amazing price too! GRAB IT so you don’t run into this problem as I did. I’ve been meaning to get the lululemon everywhere belt bag for summer running anyway.

Speaking of bags, I’m obsessed with this Be Mine Straw Tote for summer. The straw clutch is adorable too. I will likely get the tote. It’s only a matter of days before it happens.

If you want a LOVESHACKFANCY skirt but don’t want to pay the price, this Rock n Ruffle Mini Skirt from Aerie will serve the same purpose. I hope you can still find your size! They keep selling out.

It’s Friends & Family at Saks until Monday. Now is the time to shop their collection of Stoney Clover while many of the pouches and bags are 25% off! The cozy fanny pack is on sale, I’m considering this BEACH flat pouch for this summer, and this mini pouch is in my favorite sparking cider color.

Splendid is also running a Friends & Family sale right now with items at 30% off with code FAM2021.

I already bought these platform slide sandals because I know they will be sold out shortly. If you want to spend less, Steve Madden has a copy in both pink and black.

Target has cropped hoodies that looked nice in the store. It’s soft too! I’m all about touching the clothes, especially at Target, to ensure the quality feels right to me before I buy it. I think I’ll get the black and I wish they sold it in white.

Oh, I heard these cropped tees from lululemon fit really well. I’m going to check it out in-store either later today or tomorrow. I get nutty about the sleeve length, it needs to hit my arm in the right spot so I need to try it on!

Also, do we want the new Align High Right Pants with pockets? I LIVE in my Align pants this winter but not sure I need this style to have the pocket as I would, let’s say, the pants I wear to run.

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