Subway Veggie Sandwich + Cookie Dough + Recent Vegetarian Meals


It’s always nice when I start a post with pizza, isn’t it?

I brought this slice of whole wheat vegetable pizza home from Monte and added a little sauce on top. I do love this vegetable pizza but it doesn’t have as much sauce as I like on it so adding extra on top fixes that issue for me.

whole wheat vegetable pizza

Yes, I had a slice of the whole wheat margarita pizza too in the last few days.

whole wheat pizza and salad

I have been making my usual salads for lunch. I went to Whole Foods to restock my supply of the 365 Organic Light Ranch Dressing and they were out of it which was really annoying. I’ll have to go back later this week and hope that the dressing is back on the shelves.


In Monday’s workout recap post I mentioned that we went to the Islanders game in New Jersey on Sunday. We stopped at Subway on the way to the game as we weren’t fully sure which concession stands would be opened for a reduced capacity game.

It had been so long since I last had a veggie sandwich from Subway!  I have a feeling I will be back at Subway again super soon for a veggie-loaded sandwich. The honey mustard really ties it all together.

subway veggie sandwich

At the Islanders game, I did have a cup of cookie dough. Many concession stands were open yet many were closed too. I’m happy that the cookie dough was available.

cookie dough

Last but not least, here’s last night’s bowl of Banza chickpea pasta primavera bowl. THIS WAS SO GOOD.

banza pasta primavera


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