Workouts From Last Week (getting closer and closer to spring!)

A few quick notes before getting to last week’s workouts:

We will not discuss the time change. I do not want to think about the later sunrises or the struggle it is to wake up for the next several days.

The weather last week was warm for this time of year which totally gave me spring fever. I knew it would be short-lived but I’m fine with it — we are getting closer and closer to spring and summer.

The plan right now is to get outside each morning for a walk or a run as weather permits. I ran three days last week and loved pushing my pace for a change. With no snow or ice on the ground, I feel motivated to run faster!

And not workout related but important to note is that we went to an Islanders game yesterday! In-person! I might feel almost normal again!

islanders game

Monday – 22 Min Power Yoga/30 Min Run

I couldn’t pass up the new power yoga practice from MWH Method so I started with that and then headed outside to run. One mile easy, one mile fast, one mile slightly easier plus cooldown until I hit 30 minutes.

Tuesday – 22 Min Lower Body Standing Chair Series/35 Min Walk

Wednesday – 30 Min Run

I ran three miles, cooled down to hit 30 minutes, and then switched to a walk for about 10 minutes. No formal yoga or pilates today — I made up my own routine to stretch after my run before getting the shower.

Thursday – 27 Min Full Body Using Own Body Weight/40 Min Walk

Friday – 32 Min Full Body Yoga + Pilates Flow/3 Mile Walk

Saturday – 5 Miles

It was much colder this morning than it had been all week along with a relentless wind. UGH! With the wind literally going up my nose the entire run, somehow I still put in a nice effort.

1 Mile Warm Up + 3 Miles Increased Effort + 1 Mile Easy

Sunday – 25 Min Cardio Warm-Up + Full Body Flow/One Hour Walk

Note: I take walks during the workday but they aren’t listed as part of my workout recaps. I don’t track these walks as they vary in frequency and duration. My daytime walks are more like a mental break and recharge for me than a workout. Have a great week! 

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