Lots of Recent Meals To Share + Cauliflower Pizza


I have lots of recent meals to share today so let’s jump right in!

Finally, a slice of whole wheat pizza and a salad again for dinner. It had been at least a week, maybe two weeks, since I had last had pizza!

That’s a long time to go without pizza for me!

pizza and salad

Okay, so. Do you know how I was laughing on Friday when Trader Joe’s was out of my favorite Three-Layer hummus? Like, I just wrote the 5 Favorites From Trader Joe’s post that morning, and then I get to the store and my hummus was gone from the shelves.

It used to be that I went to Trader Joe’s a few times a week. These days, I only go once a week so hopefully, by this Friday, they have my hummus back in stock! I bought the spicy hummus dip as an interim replacement. 🙂

trader joe's

I’ve been using the spicy hummus from Trader Joe’s as salad dressing this week. I like the spicy hummus but miss my three-layer hummus!

I had this salad for lunch with a side of toast topped with mashed chickpeas and avocado. Instead of Ezekiel bread, I’ve been having (on occasion) Dave’s Killer Bread. My son likes Dave’s Killer bread so I buy it for him but I really like it too.

mashed chickpea avocado toast

This salad was loaded with vegetables included roasted tomatoes, cucumbers, asparagus, string beans, and roasted cauliflower.


I went old school by making this power bowl for dinner. My power bowl included roasted purple sweet potatoes, vegetables, chickpeas, avocado, and sweet chili sauce.

power bowl

And becoming a regular weeknight dinner for me lately is definitely a bowl of Banza chickpea pasta. I really love it! This bowl involved Banza pasta with roasted Brussels sprouts and broccoli, tomato sauce, and some cheese.

It’s so easy to throw this dinner together.

banza pasta bowl

Last but not least, we brought in dinner from Mother Kelly’s again over the weekend.

mother Kelly's

I decided to try their cauliflower pizza for fun. I was curious how the cauliflower pizza would taste.

Here’s my opinion of a well-made cauliflower pizza: It will taste good (as it did from Mother Kelly’s) but if you are used to eating regular pizza, you will notice the difference in flavor and texture.

cauliflower pizza

I had the hot-cold salad for dinner. This is one of my top favorite salads!

The hot-cold salad contains tomato, cucumber, onion, goat cheese, craisins, candied walnuts, and beets, with grilled portobello mushrooms, asparagus, roasted peppers, and string beans.

hot cold salad

Back in my early blogging days, I used to play around with making my own cauliflower pizza crust. However, I also made s sweet potato pizza crust and it was really good! Here’s the link to the sweet potato pizza crust post if you are interested!

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