Last Week’s Workouts (March 1 – March 7)

A few quick notes before getting to my workouts from last week!

I mixed Melissa Wood Health (MWH Method) workouts with some from Do Yoga With Me throughout the week. I highly recommend Do Yoga With Me since SO MANY of the yoga (and pilates) practices are free. I’ve been coming back to the site for YEARS now. It’s such a great option to have with so many practices and flows to choose from based upon your time and preferences.

I ran three days last week which is fine. My normal average is 3-4 days of running a week. With warmer weather on the way, I still plan to stick to a maximum of four days of running per week. If you missed my post in the past about cutting my mileage and why I’m happier with running less, here it is again.

There was an uptick in search results last week for my 2016 Long Island Half Marathon recap. This was not only my PR Half Marathon but also my last time racing a half.

I reread my recap over the weekend. I’m so proud of myself for running nine half marathons yet can’t see myself doing it again. At least not anytime soon. I’m proud, however, that I did something I wanted to do and I’m equally as proud for knowing that although I used to run these races, that I do not wish to do them anymore.

Long Island half marathon

^This picture from Long Island Half Marathon will always make me happy because you can see the Islanders logo and Coliseum in the background. 🙂 

Monday – 40 Min Pilates Focused Flow

I ran yesterday and it was raining today so it was a perfect morning for the newest workout added to the MWH menu: 40 min pilates. It was a good one!

Tuesday – 37 Min Yoga with a side of Pilates/14 Min Abs & Arms Flow

It was super windy this morning with wind chills in the teens so I stayed inside today. This yoga flow is definitely one of my favorites.

Wednesday – 20 Min Yoga/4 Miles

Before heading outside to run, I started with this Vinyasa for Vitality from Do Yoga With Me. I highly recommend it.

Thursday – 20 Min Yoga/3 Miles

I tried this Morning Vinyasa Flow from Do Yoga With Me before running 3 miles outside. This yoga flow was not as good (in my opinion) in comparison to yesterday’s yoga flow but it really depends upon what you prefer.

Friday – 45 Min Yoga + Pilates Flow

Strong winds this again morning with cold wind chills so I didn’t even bother to take a walk. This yoga plus pilates flow is such a nice workout. Calming, gentle, yet super effective.

Saturday – 14 Min Standing Arms & Abs Series/30 Min Run

I really didn’t feel like running this morning. Not only was it cold outside, but it was also windy too. However, I had the time, I had no reason not to feel like running, AND I was planning to wash my hair today. It was a good day to run.

I started with a new MWH Method quick workout for abs and arms, just to warm me up. Once I got outside, I was still not to run SO I DECIDED TO RUN FASTER THAN USUAL. It’s like the reverse of what you think one would do when they don’t feel like running but it usually works for me! I ran three miles with an average pace in the 8’s which I haven’t seen in a while this winter. I cooled down to reach 30 minutes and then switched to walking to finish things up.

Sunday – 3.5 Mile Walk

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