No Pizza?! + Recent Meals with Butternut Squash + Crownie Cake

There isn’t one slice of pizza in this post today which means I haven’t had pizza in at least a week!

I was in the city the other day so a bagel from Pick a Bagel was necessary once again. I had a whole wheat bagel with lettuce, tomato, and vegetable cream cheese. Oh, how I love vegetable cream cheese!

pick a bagel

I randomly bought the crinkle-cut butternut squash from the refrigerated section at Trader Joe’s over the weekend. While I totally eat the same meals each week, I do try to vary my vegetables to keep things interesting.

I’ve been roasting handfuls of the crinkle-cut butternut squash to add to a variety of salads and dinners.

The roasted butternut squash is great in salads. I added it to this salad for lunch which also had lettuce, roasted tomatoes and onions, chickpeas, avocado, and three-layer hummus.


Here’s another salad that I made for lunch. This salad contained romaine, roasted butternut squash, roasted tomatoes, cucumbers, chickpeas, avocado, and Trader Joe’s three-layer hummus yet again. I love this hummus.


Then I added the butternut squash to this stir fry that I made for dinner. In the stir fry was also broccoli, Brussels sprouts, peppers, chickpeas, brown rice, avocado, and sweet chili sauce from Trader Joe’s.

stir fry

The brown rice in the above stir fry was leftover from dinner the night before when we had Chinese Food. My son wanted Chinese food so I went along with it.

Here’s a look at my first plate. Steamed vegetable dumplings, mixed vegetables, and cold noodles. I feel like I reload my plate several times when we get Chinese food.

Chinese food

You may have seen that I shared a very special cookie cake on Instagram.

It’s actually a Crownie Cake (cookie + brownie) which I got for my son as his “College Commitment Cake” because celebrating a commitment to college through food is a thing. I’m glad it’s a thing. I like a good dessert so any reason to order a cookie crownie cake is a great idea to me even if it means my baby is going to college.

college commitment cake

This cookie crownie cake from A Pound & A Half was delicious. We kept cutting pieces off little by little after having actual slices of the cake because it was so irresistible. Between the chocolate chip cookie parts and the brownie parts….YUM.

cookie cake

We aren’t going to discuss that I started this blog when my son was in the fourth grade. ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. Nope, we aren’t going to discuss it.


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