Last Week’s Workouts (It’s March 1!)

I’m afraid to jinx the weather by looking positively at March 1 as if we are out of the winter woods.

It didn’t snow last week and I don’t see any in the forecast this week. Yet still, I will be holding my winter breath until we hit April.

running path

It was so nice to basically get outside each day last week except Saturday. Look in the picture above at how much the snow melted last week!

A few years ago, rain on a Saturday would have bothered me as it would have interfered with my long run. These days, I don’t look at Saturday as a long run day. I don’t even care if I run on Saturday anymore, I’m just happy to move in some way.

If you have been considering Melissa Wood Health (MWH Method) based upon my workout recaps, I encourage you to read her recent Instagram message about cardio. I always appreciate a “less cardio” message. Her less cardio focus is one of the reasons I enjoy her workouts and her approach to exercise so much.

I cut my weekly mileage in at least half over three years ago now and don’t think I will EVER return to such high mileage again.

Last Week’s Workouts:

Monday – 23 Min Power Planking + Plie Squat Series/30 Min Walk

Tuesday – 12 Min Arms + Back/4 Miles

I had to dodge ice but it wasn’t too terrible and I was able to run the entire time (I just had to go slow).

Wednesday – 20 Min Power Pilates/30 Min Run

The ground was warmer today and the sun was shining (!!) so it was nice to run and even have the opportunity to go a little faster at times. I was still dodging a few ice patches but it was much better than it has been. I was able to pick up my pace for random portions of the run – it was great to feel like I was moving again.

Thursday – 30 Min Dance Warm-Up + Flow/40 Min Walk

Friday – 5 Miles

It felt great to run today in the sun and slightly warmer weather! Warmer as in, above freezing first thing in the morning.

Saturday – 24 Min Dance Warm-Up + Full Body Flow/23 Min Yoga Flow

Sunday – 5 Miles


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