Recent Meals + Go To Dinners To Make At Home

Lots of meals from the last few days to share today so let’s jump right in!

I stopped at Town Bagel for a chopped salad to bring back to eat at my parents’ house over the weekend.

While I can’t tell you exactly what I chose to be chopped into my salad, I can tell you that I forgot to ask for avocado.

Geez. A salad without avocado is definitely not as good! Also, Town Bagel was out of my favorite maple raisin multigrain bagel so I chose a whole wheat flagel with sunflower seeds. You know what a flagel is right? A flat bagel.

town bagel salad

I didn’t finish my salad so I brought it home and had it with whole wheat margarita pizza for dinner.

pizza and salad

I used the giant salad bowl from Stew Leonard’s as my lunch bowl on Monday. Since there wasn’t much left in the salad bowl, I finished it up for lunch by adding chickpeas, avocado, and roasted Brussels sprouts. I used the three-layer hummus from Trader Joe’s as the dressing.


Yesterday’s lunch was my favorite quick lunch to throw together while I’m working. When I feel really short on time (or when I don’t want a big salad bowl) I make mashed chickpeas and avocado on Ezekial toast. THE BEST.

mashed chickpeas avocado

Lately, I’ve been rotating two easy-to-make and delicious (vegetarian – you know I’m vegetarian, right?) dinners.

I enjoy both dinners so much that I actually choose to make one of these meals instead of having pizza quite often.

Here’s a peek inside my Banza pasta bowl from dinner the other night. I’ve been on a Banza pasta kick as of late. If you haven’t tried Banza chickpea pasta, I definitely recommend it! It’s so good, as is the Banza mac & cheese.

I add the Banza pasta to a bowl with roasted broccoli, peppers, Brussels sprouts, tomato sauce, and mozzarella cheese. Sometimes I change up the vegetables, it really depends upon what I have in the house.

banza pasta

My other go-to dinner lately is a loaded baked potato. I try to rotate the type of potato (either regular potato, sweet potato, or purple sweet potato) but honestly, a regular white baked potato is my favorite right now.

I baked the potato and then top it with vegetables, avocado, and mozzarella cheese. This particular potato also had organic light ranch dressing from Whole Foods (so good!) on it but sometimes I will add hummus.

There are so many options with a loaded baked potato!

loaded baked potato

This loaded baked potato reminds me of Potatopia. While I’m pretty sure the Potatopia location in my area closed a while ago, I did write a review of my loaded potato a few years ago.

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