Treadmill Workouts To Try + My Workouts From Last Week

A few things to discuss before getting to my workouts from last week!

Looking back on workouts, I did run a few times last week which seems so weird to me because it feels like there’s constantly a weather issue that is keeping me indoors.

winter running

MWH Method: I’m still over here LOVING Melissa Wood Health workouts (MWH Method). Definitely give the workouts a try if you are looking for low-impact mostly bodyweight exercises that you look forward to doing rather than feeling like your workout is a chore to accomplish. There are so many workouts to choose from of varying length and style with new workouts added each week.

Treadmill: While I’m not using the treadmill this winter, there has been a major uptick in search results on my blog for my treadmill workouts. I guess everyone is trying to avoid running outdoors right now for weather reasons.

If you are interested, here are a few of my favorite treadmill workouts and treadmill related posts:

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Last week’s workouts:

Monday – 16 Min Lower Body/3 Mile Run

I was off today so it was nice to take my time and also run outdoors. Three miles was enough though – winter running really isn’t for me.

Tuesday – 25 Min Cardio Warm Up with Full Body Flow/23 Min Yoga Flow

Wednesday – 15 Min Abs & Arms Flow/3 Mile Run

I braved the cold to run three miles. The wind was killer and the run was not exactly pleasant but I was happy when I was done.

Thursday – 30 Min Power Pilates

More snow today.

Friday – 30 Min Yoga + Pilates Flow/17 Min Power Standing Series

More snow and rain today!

Saturday – One Hour Run/Walk Outside

I ventured outside in an attempt to run. It was a bit slick at first so I quickly turned off Runkeeper. It wasn’t worth tracking a “run” when I was likely going to run and walk, depending upon how the ground seemed. The longer I was outside, the more things started to melt. I was honestly just happy to be outdoors, I really didn’t care if I was out there running or walking!

One thing is for sure — running anything beyond super easy is just not happening until the snow/ice really melt.

pro compression running

Sunday – 24 Min Yoga + Pilates Stretching Flow/3 Mile Run

I had to take advantage of the sunshine and clearer path today since it’s supposed to snow/rain (again) tomorrow.


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  1. Carmella says

    Thank you for the treadmill workouts. I have used my treadmill more this winter because of all the snow, these are great!

  2. says

    Thank you for sharing the experience of treadmill workouts. When there is a lot of snow around, everyone exercises at home, wants to keep themselves warm, and the best way to do this is to run on a treadmill, it keeps the body healthy, it doesn’t feel cold. I run the treadmill myself when there is snow all around. However, when it snows all around, nature looks much more beautiful.
    Anisur recently posted…Exercise Bike VS Treadmill with Pros & ConsMy Profile