Running is Becoming A Once A Week Thing (winter workout recap)

Another winter week, another week of snow, ice, and super cold temperatures. I’m getting used to it already, really I am!

In fact, I am barely paying much attention to the weather forecast. I just expect it to be below freezing and that there’s either new snow on the ground when I wake up or ice leftover from the day before.


I run when I can which is maybe once a week right now. And it’s so okay! In some ways, I don’t really notice. As long as I can get out at some point during the day for a nice walk, I’m fine with other workouts in the morning that don’t involve running.

I know I’ll get back to a more regular running routine once this mess of winter is behind us.

Also! I am truly loving Melissa Wood Health (MWH Method) workouts SO MUCH. The yoga/pilates blend is just a pleasure. As challenging as it can be, it’s a challenge in the most positive, kind, and gentle way. That’s really the best way to describe MWH Method workouts and absolutely why I love it. I’ve never been a hard-core style heavy weight lifter nor do I stand on my head with yoga. The fact that these positive-feeling inspiring yoga/pilates workouts are low-impact and use bodyweight (which is killer by the way although I’m going to order the 1 lb Bala bangles) without making me stand on my head is just perfect for me.

Monday – 32 Min Cardio Warm Up with Full Body Flow

13 degrees outside mixed with yesterday’s snow meant no chance to go outside to run, or even walk. I did want to go for a walk but it was completely iced over out there so I didn’t take a chance. Not to mention, the real feel was 3 degrees.

Later in the day, I attempted a walk. I will admit it was pretty out there.


Tuesday – 35 Min Yoga (with a side of Pilates)

I knew during this workout that I would be sore tomorrow.

Wednesday – One Hour Walk

Yep, I’m a bit sore. It was 19 degrees but I went outside for a walk anyway. I wasn’t quite sure if the ground was too slippery for a run so walking seemed like the best bet so that I could be extra careful and slow with my steps.

Thursday – 25 Min Full Body Using Own Body Weight/10 Min Arms

Friday – 30 Min Yoga/Pilates Flow Using Own Body Weight/30 Min Walk

Saturday – 5 Miles

My first run since last Saturday. It was cold and windy but I must be adjusting because it didn’t bother me. In fact, I didn’t even bother to look at the temperature prior to heading outside. It’s been COLD and that’s just not changing anytime soon. Might as well deal with it.


Sunday – 45 Min Yoga Stretching Flow/3 Mile Walk

This yoga practice was slower than I think I might have been in the mood for but it was nice for the stretching. It was 30 degrees outside which is warmer than it’s been in the morning in a long time so I went for a walk. I could have run actually today. They had forecasted an icy morning but I didn’t notice it.

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