Snowy Week in Workouts (One Run + Lots of MWH Method)

Writing a recap of last week’s workouts feels so weird at the moment. Like to even think that we had over 16 inches of snow early on in the week actually blows my mind. That was only last week? My days are blending together a little too much.

I wasn’t able to run all week until Saturday but to be honest, I didn’t totally notice or mind. It was nice to not bundle up in layers for a workout. Not to mention, I’m LOVING the Melissa Wood Health workouts that I’ve been doing so very much. I can’t say enough good things about the platform and really can’t wait until I can combine a 20 – 30 minute flow with a nice walk outdoors on a regular basis.

I did throw in a Barre3 Cardio workout early on in the week just for that extra cardio blood pumping boost. It’s nice to have a variety of indoor options and with the internet, we totally do so there’s really no excuse. Can’t run outside and don’t have a treadmill? Find something else to do. You have options.

Monday – 25 Min MWH Method Cardio Warm-Up + Full Body Flow/18 Power Pilates Focused Leg Flow

Tuesday – 30 Min Barre3 Cardio Workout/15 Min MWH Method Arms & Abs Flow

Wednesday – 29 Min MWH Method Full Body Strong Power Series

Oh my, this workout was great but oh my, my inner thighs are sore from yesterday’s Barre3 workout! It’s either just from Barre3 or the combo from Monday’s focused leg flow and the squats in Barre3 – either way, I’m sore.

They cleared my running path today so I went outside for a really quick walk in the afternoon. It’s not ready for running though because, by morning, it will ice over again.

snowy path

Thursday – 35 Min MWH Method Full Body Flow

Still a little sore in my inner thighs but it’s okay, I love these flows so much.

I did walk around the city today — my boyfriend surprised me with a quick return to town (or shall I say, return to the country!)

It was beautiful outside. I kept saying it felt like spring since it was in the high 30’s with bright sun.

freedom tower

You know I freak a little bit every time I’m downtown near the Freedom Tower and World Trader Center site. You can read my September 11 post here if you are interested.

Friday – 33 Min MWH Method Full Body Yoga/Pilates Flow

Saturday – 3 Mile Run/30 Min Walk

I ran three miles easy because there was just no way I could pick up the pace while dodging ice and watching for black ice too. Three miles running was enough. I switched to a walk to finish things up.

running in winter

Sunday – 40 Min Full Body Yoga/Pilates Flow/16 Min Abs Focused Flow

More snow today (!!) so even if I wanted to run or walk outside, it wouldn’t have been the best idea.


I’m not totally sure if/when I can get outside this week to run. It’s cold and icy, with snow on the ground and maybe more on the way. I will take it day by day I guess!

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