Winter Week in Workouts (less running, more MWH Method)

Last week was my first full week with Melissa Wood Health MWH Method workouts. All I can say is that I LOVE the platform and the workouts. I’m enjoying this new routine and look forward to the next morning so that I can choose another workout.

The workouts are not easy but they are enjoyable yet challenging, yet so peaceful at the same time. I love Melissa’s approach and her calming nature and style. The combination of pilates and yoga is exactly what I like and need. I always finish so refreshed, happy, and energized.

Running was at a minimum last week but I don’t mind. We are in the heart of the winter so now is the perfect time to do other things. I got outside when I could but to be so very honest, I preferred the calming, low-impact yoga and pilates practices over the cardio-charged, sweaty workouts. Obviously, I go in phases and will always define myself as a runner first but there is something to be said about doing workouts other than running.

I did find a penny on heads while running yesterday morning though! I’m a sucker for a penny on heads. I was so happy that I stopped my run and took my mitten off to not only take a picture but to pick up the penny and place it in my pocket.

penny on heads

Monday – 23 Min Yoga Focused Flow/3 Miles

It was frigid again today but hey, a real feel of 12 was warmer than yesterday so I knew that I could handle a 3-mile easy run. I started first with an MWH Method 23-minute yoga flow. Not easy but really good!

Tuesday – 45 Min Yoga/Pilates

Wednesday – 25 Min Cardio Warm-Up + Yoga Flow/ 30 Min Walk

Loved this 25-minute workout! I didn’t feel like running so I went for a walk – it wasn’t too cold, just around freezing.

Thursday – 16 Min Yoga/Pilates/3 Mile Run

Don’t knock 16 minutes – it was challenging and perfect at the same time. I braved three miles in the cold because I knew it may be at least a few days before I can run outside again. It’s getting even colder with snow on the way for Monday.

Friday – 23 Min Full Body Standing Chair Series / 22 Min Power Pilates

Today’s combo reminded me very much of Pure Barre, especially the standing series. This is a good thing. I loved my Pure Barre workouts over the last several years so I’m thrilled to continue to do exercises and poses that bring me back to my roots. Also, the fact that I’m now using a workout platform that incorporates similar workouts tells me that I’m in the right place. I certainly know what I like and know how to gravitate towards the workouts I enjoy most.

Saturday – 45 Min Yoga/Pilates

I considered running but it was frigid out there with a strong wind leftover from Friday. To be honest, I much preferred a yoga/pilates practice anyway. I just love it.

Sunday – 5 Miles

Okay. So. I ran this morning mainly because I knew the snow was on its way and I likely wouldn’t be able to run again until at least Wednesday. Or even Thursday. Maybe. I honestly don’t know since it’s supposed to snow from later today through Tuesday.

So I bundled up to run mainly because I knew I would be happy about it once I was finished.

Real feel of 12. I think I’m adjusting because it wasn’t too terrible. When I don’t have to deal with wind, I can handle it.

winter weather


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