Stoney Clover Notebook + Cozy Slide Sandals (Friday Faves)


FRIDAY. It may suddenly be frigid over here in New York but I will take it because it’s Friday. I haven’t decided yet if it’s too cold for me to run outside this weekend. While I think it is (windchill around zero), I may pay super close attention to the weather to see if perhaps Saturday or Sunday show a calmer wind. I can handle low temps without wind. It’s the wind that gets me.

In Friday Favorite news, I’m a little upset with myself that I haven’t finished my winter skincare/Drunk Elephant post. To be honest, work has just been too busy for me to mentally find the strength to dive into writing the skincare details. It’s in the works, but I just can’t open the draft to finish it. I WILL THOUGH.

Let’s talk about a couple of favorites for today!

Stoney Clover Notebook

It was only a matter of time before I selected a Stoney Clover Notebook. It was not an easy decision but I finally figured out my color and patch combination. Of course, after I placed this order, they came out with the notebook in bubblegum pink. Maybe I will need another notebook?

I do love this shade of sky blue. My favorite glitter Love Shack Fancy string pearl letter patch looks so pretty on the sky color!

stoney clover notebook

Here are the notebook deals in case you are interested:

  • Textured Vegan Leather
  • Faux Suede Lining
  • Front Tab with Snap
  • Interior Pen Holder
  • Interior Flap Pocket
  • Spiral lined paper notebook included (80 pages)


  • Height: 9.3″
  • Width: 7.2″

I love that the notebook paper is refillable. You can also swap out the lined paper for an agenda or another type of paper you wish to put in the notebook.

If you need design inspiration, I shared Stoney Clover Notebook ideas in this post.

Cozy Slide Sandals

Can we speak quickly here about cozy slide sandals? Yes, the cozy fashion trend is continuing to the feet so you can expect to see people wearing cozy sandals as shoes out of the house as we go into the spring. Call them slippers if you want BUT they are shoes if you take into account the cozy trend.

I found several cozy sandal options in case you want a pair of cozy shoes to wear out of the house.

Okay so first, these Sophie Criss Cross Plush Bedroom Slipper (light tie-dye) and this pretty pink faux fur pair are nice for in the house but hey, wear them out if you want to. I would tell you that they look pretty.

Definitely plan to wear these Shear Faux Shearling Slide Slippers out of the house.

LOVE these from JSlides.

This pair of cozy sandals from Aqua which comes in a few colors is the pair I want to wear out of the house. (I want the nude/beige color – it’s a nice neutral).

And if you want to really invest in your cozy slide sandals, go with this pair from Gucci. The Butterscotch color (which is what I like best) is currently sold out.

Looking for additional cozy accessories? Of course I recommend an item from the Stoney Clover cozy collection. The pouches come in a few sizes, the fanny pack is perfect for everyday, and the tote is classic, pretty, and of the highest quality. There’s a backpack too.


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