Quick Look At Recent Meals + Recipe I Will Make Next

I’ve been eating a lot of the same meals on repeat lately (not that I ever really vary my diet) so I don’t have much to share today.

I did want to check in today though! Happy Wednesday.

Whole wheat vegetable pizza for dinner…it’s becoming a weekly thing once again. I think I’m eating this vegetable slice from Monte even more often than the whole wheat margarita slice from Mario’s as of late. However, as quick as I am to make this statement, I know myself. On a whim, I will switch back to the margarita slice with a salad a few nights a week.

whole wheat vegetable pizza

Actually, I have not been eating pizza nearly as often as I sometimes do. Instead, come dinner time, I am making something at home that involves a potato. White potatoes, sweet potatoes, or purple sweet potatoes. All potatoes are in my rotation at the moment!

This dinner was oh so good that I have repeated it a few times. I roasted purple sweet potato wedges sprinkled with everything but the bagel seasoning. While some nights I’m making potatoes alongside roasted vegetables, this time I made a salad which consisted of romaine, roasted mini pearl tomatoes, chick peas, Persian cucucmbers, roasted red peppers, avocado, and the three layer hummus from Trader Joe’s on top. Really delicious.

power bowl

Since I’m on a potato kick, I remembered my recipe for black bean and quinoa chili. I could have sworn that the actual recipe involved sweet potatoes but the original version does not. Instead, if you click to read the recipe post, I offer the recipe plus serving suggestions which include serving the black bean and quinoa chili on top of a potato. You can definitely add diced sweet potatoes to the chili as it cooks — I may do just that. I’m thinking that I will make the chili this weekend so I will keep you posted!

Oh, one more recipe for you. I rediscovered these black bean, quinoa, and sweet potato burgers. They were delicious and easy to make. I used to make the burgers and freeze a bunch. Let me know if you try the recipe.

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