I’m Trying A New Online Workout Platform (workout recap)

The title of this post might be a little misleading. I am trying a new online workout platform but the platform itself is not exactly new, it’s just new to me.

After moving away from my Pure Barre On Demand subscription in the last year, I knew at some point I would likely sign up for another online workout platform. But I wasn’t rushing my decision. I figured I would work with the free online options until I could figure out exactly which direction I wanted to go with my at-home workouts.

Even though I do like Barre3, I kinda knew that I didn’t want another barre platform. I also knew that my interest in yoga only continued to increase.

I started following Melissa Wood Health on Instagram a while back based upon recommendations. Right away I liked her personality, and the workouts it sppeared she offered. She shares a terrific mix of yoga and pilates with a philosophy I can get behind too. Her workouts aren’t too long and include a range of yoga and pilates along with targeted strength workouts, pre/post-natal options, and meditation as well. Oh, and there’s some treadmill stuff but I don’t need that so I didn’t really look at it to tell you about it.

MWH Method


While I’m totally not at all ready to give a true review, here’s what I like thus far about MWH Method and why I signed up for the free trial:

Short workout options: It’s nice to find workouts, platforms, and people/instructors who understand that less is more.

I can easily fit the 10-20 minute workouts into my routine. These workouts are perfect for me in the winter to do in those minutes before it’s light enough outside to head out for a short run or walk.

During the spring/summer months, the shorter workout options are great once again for the days when I walk and don’t run. I run longer distances when it’s warmer outside so I wouldn’t necessarily add on to those workout days. But my walk days? For sure.

Easy to combine: With so many shorter workout options, I can combine them to create my own workout.

Longer workout options: When I say longer, I mean 30-45 minutes. The 30 – 45-minute workout options are perfect for the days when I don’t run. I don’t need more than this and if anything, I can tack on a 10-minute focused workout if I felt like it. In the summer, I can always pair these workouts with a walk.

Yoga and pilates are becoming my favorites. I never would have guessed that yoga would become a workout I enjoy, but it is. Pure Barre was a blend of barre, yoga, and pilates but if you ask me, it was much more pilates than yoga. I like that MWH Method incorporates pilates because I do feel like I am getting elements from Pure Barre still in my routine.

Low-Impact: It’s so important to not over-stress the body. Running is stressful enough, the rest of my workouts should balance that out with low-impact, gentle yet effective options.

Yoga and pilates are low-impact and make you feel good as you do it but oh my, they burn. I like the challenge and strength/balance they build without stressing my body. MWH Method looks easy at first glance — it is not!

Mostly bodyweight: I appreciate that MWH Method workouts are mostly bodyweight strength workouts with maybe the addition of very light weights. I’ve never been into heavy-weight strength workouts so this is perfect for me. If you have yet to try bodyweight strength workouts, I really suggest you do – it’s not as easy as you think.

Kindness to fitness: It’s nice to see workouts that focus on being gentle, kind, and happy throughout the exercises. Melissa takes a calming, positive approach to the movements, making you look forward to what you are doing and at peace with it even when it challenges you. I really look forward to the exercises and feel good about doing it.

The MWH Method menu is so nicely organized. New workouts are added each week and listed at the top. From there the workouts are organized by time and also by focus. It’s super easy to navigate! This is refreshing after my experience with Pure Barre On Demand changing to Pure Barre GO. That menu was a disaster and one of the main reasons I stopping using the platform.

Price: While I’m currently in the free trial period, the MWH Method cost is $9.99/month or $99 for the year. This is EXTREMELY reasonable and costs even less than what I paid at beta-pricing for Pure Barre On Demand.

I will keep you posted next week to see how I’m continuing to like the workouts!

Here is a recap from my workouts over the last week…

Monday – 5 Miles

I was off from work today so I slept a little late and took my time getting outside to run. Windy and sunny but not too cold — totally acceptable for January running.

Tuesday – 45 Min Yoga Flow

Wednesday – 10 Min Barre3/30 Min Run

I quickly found this  Barre3 workout to do while waiting for enough daylight outside to run. Although, I really wasn’t expecting it to be snowing during my 30-minute run. I mean, I did watch the news and they did mention “snow up in the clouds” but no one said the snow was going to be falling on me and cover the ground. By the time I finished, snow was starting to cover the ground and fully covered it a few minutes later.

running path

Thursday – 20 Min Body Weight Workout/3 Mile Run

I did my first MWH Method workout today! The website offers a free 19-minute full-body workout using own body weight before you sign up. It was a great, efficient workout so I decided to sign up for the free trial.

Friday – 30 Min Full Body Yoga + Pilates Flow

Enjoyed this 30-minute flow — not easy and definitely felt it in a good way.

Saturday – 30 Min Dance Warm-Up Full Body Flow + 24 Min Yoga/Pilates Stretching Flow

I made the decision not to run today because I thought it was too cold only to learn it would be even colder tomorrow. OOPS. In any case, I combined two Melissa Wood Healh workouts because I’m eager to try them all!

Sunday – 10 Min Arms + 6 Miles

I really wanted to run so I heavily bundled up the real feel temperature of 10 degrees. It honestly wasn’t bad! I started first with the 10-minute arms workout using only bodyweight.


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