Workouts Are The Calm Before The Day Starts


With late sunrises in the winter, my time frame for outdoor workouts during the week is much shorter. This doesn’t really bother me at the moment. I’m happy to run three miles (sometimes four, really depends)  just to get fresh air and that calm before the storm of my day.

Work has been really busy. Like really busy. I love my job but I’m in so many directions lately during the day that I’m finding my early morning workout window to be more important than ever. I don’t care if I run fast or plan a speed workout, just cruising through a few miles feels nice and calm right now. My early mornings, starting with a workout, are essential to my days. I can’t imagine going from opening my eyes straight into starting my workday. My workouts are a part of my early morning routine which sets me up nicely for the day ahead. And last week, well, I just noticed this a little more and really appreciated it.

I combined my workouts nicely last week too by finding different 10-20 minute yoga and barre workouts to add to my miles. This works really well as I wait for the sun to be up enough for me to run outdoors.

Also! I’m grateful for the weather lately — cold but not terrible and no snow or ice on the ground to interfere with my ability to run. I’m sure it will change soon but each day that I can run outside in the winter, I’m happy.

Monday – 10 Min Barre3/3.25 Miles

Even though I ran both Saturday and Sunday, I definitely felt like running this morning so I went with it. I started first with this 10-minute workout from Barre3 before heading outside for 3.25 miles.

Also! It was 27 degrees but no wind so the real feel remained at 27 degrees. Definitely manageable without a wind chill!

Tuesday – 45 Min Barre

Wednesday – 4 Miles

pro compression

Thursday – 10 Min Pure Barre/3.5 Miles

I found this 10 minute Pure Barre workout on YouTube

Friday 20 Min Yoga/30 Min Run

I liked this 20-minute yoga practice from Do Yoga With Me.

Saturday – 45 Min Kickboxing/20 Min Yoga

While I enjoyed kickboxing for the first time in months, I did miss yoga. I decided to add this 20-minute post-run yoga practice from Do Yoga With Me to finish things up. I used to do this specific post-run yoga five and even six years ago on a regular basis! Crazy how time flies.

Sunday – 6 Miles

Windy and cold but sunny and a Sunday so it balanced out into a nice weekend run.

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