Friday Faves (Mother Kelly’s + Sex and the City! + Glossier)

Last Friday I said that I’m working on a winter skincare post (with focus on Drunk Elephant) but I just couldn’t get it ready in time to share it today.

Instead, I have a few other favorites from the week to discuss and then hopefully, I can finish up the winter skincare for next week. I should have some time during this upcoming three-day (!!) weekend to get my act together.


Winter means hockey season to me so it’s been quite strange to not have Islanders games to attend or even watch on television. I mean, it was beyond odd to have hockey to watch last summer and even though I thoroughly enjoyed it, the fall and winter are just not been the same without the Islanders playing.

Last night was the first game of the new season and although we can’t attend games, I’m thrilled to have hockey back in action. In honor of opening night against the Rangers, we brought in dinner from my all-time favorite, Mother Kelly’s.

I had the hot cold salad. I love this salad for the mix of tomato, cucumber, onion, goat cheese, craisins, candied walnuts, beets, grilled portobello mushrooms, asparagus, roasted peppers, and string beans.

hot cold salad from Mother Kelly's

Mother Kelly’s makes the best garlic knots around.

garlic knots

Sex and the City is Returning

Did you hear the great news? Sex and the City will be back with a new revival series! If you know me, you know that Sex and the City is my most favorite show. I watch the reruns on E! religiously and can sit through the Sex and the City marathons on E! as if I’ve never seen the episodes a thousand times. It’s one of the few shows (maybe this and Seinfeld) that I can watch over and over regardless of how many times I’ve seen it.

I also cannot wait to go to the Stoney Clover store in the city because one of their exclusive city store patches looks like the steps of Carrie Bradshaw’s brownstone apartment.

I’m not in the city right now as often as usual but as soon as I’m there (hopefully in the next month or so), I am going to get a mini pouch with the brownstone patch. FOR SURE.

stoney clover

Glossier Favorites

Okay so I know that I just shared a whole post about what I’ve loving right now from Glossier and while that entire post still holds true and I use every one of those products daily, I wanted to give a quick shout out to two Glossier products in particular for today.

glossier cloud paint

Balm Dotcom IS A MUST HAVE LIP BALM if you haven’t already tried it. It’s such a great lip balm and excellent to use on your lips when running in the winter. Trust me. While I use Balm Dotcom throughout the day, I love to apply it right before heading outside in the winter to run. My lips feel so nice and protected from the harsh winter air. Balm Dotcom is also known as a universal skin salve so if you have other areas of dryness (like on your hands, fingers, around cuticles for example), you can also apply the product to those spots.

Cloud Paint, which is the best cream blush I’ve ever used, is also terrific when used as an EYE SHADOW. Just dab some on your eyelids and watch the subtle pop of color add so much while using so little. It’s a great multitask product and works well if you are sensitive to makeup. The colors may look bright but they are natural in application and buildable so you can go lighter or darker depending upon what you like. I love having a product that can do multiple things – makes life easy.



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