It’s Easier To Run But Crosstraining Is Important! (weekly workout recap)

Last week’s workouts were day to day decisions. I judged the temperature outside in relation to my mood in order to make my workout choice for the day. Some mornings I got outside to run and some mornings I chose indoor workouts instead.

Many of the indoor workouts can often be more challenging than running. Like Warrior Sculpt for example? It’s no walk in the park. And as much as I love Warrior Sculpt while doing it, I always think how much easier it would have been to run.

Quick story…

I’ll never forget the time in 2013 when I took a mixed combat class at the gym. A friend of mine was teaching this boxing conditioning class at Lifetime (back when I was a member) and he asked me to attend for fun.

Flashback photo here, July 2013….

mixed combat

I thought who I was at the time, running half marathons like no big deal without even specifically training for the races.

That mixed combat class nearly killed me. This was before I started Pure Barre. I didn’t do much cross training at the time aside from some free weights on my own schedule. My core was so weak that I could barely handle a few seconds in a plank, let alone the several drops to plank (oh, and the burpees) throughout the class. I could barely keep up! I’ll never forget it.

Runners are well conditioned to run. You give us something else that isn’t just repetitive forward motion and it can be a real challenge, especially when not used to incorporating other types of workouts into a routine. Runners can run at an easy pace for hours on end and even speed workouts can feel easier than certain cross training activities.

What am I trying to say today?

Well, if you feel as though running is your only way to achieve a quality workout and make you stronger, think again. It is so truly important to crosstrain. Only one type of exercise is never the answer. Varying workouts is a good thing! It’s critical to do various styles and types of workouts to not only challenge the mind and body, but strengthen, balance, and build endurance too.

So maybe winter is your time to try other workouts. If you can’t get outside to run or feel as though you are burned out from the cold miles, try another type of workout! I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Monday – 45 Min Fire

I’m getting better at this HIIT style of yoga. I love it!

FIRE yoga

Tuesday – 20 Min Pilates/3 Mile Run

I started with 20 Minutes of Pilates from Do Yoga With Me before heading outside for a quick run.

Wednesday – 20 Min Yoga/3 Mile Run

Another morning of a quick indoor workout at home before the sun was up enough for me to run outdoors. I started with this 20 minute wake-up and flow yoga and then bundled up to run.

Thursday – 30 Min Warrior Sculpt

All I could think during these 30 minutes of Warrior Sculpt was that running for 30 minutes (fast or slow) would have been SO MUCH EASIER.

lifetime warrior sculpt

Friday – 45 Min Barre3

I hadn’t done a Barre3 workout in a few weeks so today seemed like a good day for this one.

Saturday – 6 Miles

I woke up a little sore from yesterday’s barre3 workout (always a good thing, I did something to challenge my muscles!) but was ready to run. It was cold (real feel of 18 degrees) but I was fine – I ran later in the morning, the sun was bright, and I wasn’t in a rush.

Sunday – 5 Miles

The sun was bright and the wind was light so I just had to take advantage of running again today. 30 degrees didn’t feel too bad.


The weather seems decent this week for January so I’m looking forward to running a few mornings and getting outside during the day for some walks. Have a great week!

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