Winter Happiness + PJ Salvage Pajamas (Friday Favorites)

Okay so it’s Friday and I’m not fully sure how that happened although I am not complaining in the slightest. This week is one large blur, not only because work has been so busy, but also due to Wednesday’s terrible occurrences in Washington, DC. I won’t get into those details as I’m sure anyone who is reading this is well aware of the situation that took place. Instead, I’ll just refer you to my post from September 11 for the part where I said that terrorists are laughing at us.

Friday Favorites

I wish I had more time this week to discuss a few other things in today’s favorites post but as mentioned above, it’s been a bit of a week.

But let’s discuss my idea of winter happiness! Winter happiness for me is when it’s not terribly cold outside which translates into me not needing to wear a jacket. Or extra winter accessories.

While I don’t love the cold weather, I do adjust fairly quickly in that 45 degrees and above starts to feel warm. It makes life easier when I can wear a sweatshirt and go into stores without a coat. When I need to wear a coat, a hat, and gloves, PLUS A FACE MASK, it’s like SO MANY LAYERS and additional parts that I don’t even know which item I need to pull on or pull off when I’m walking in and out of stores. Not to mention, my sunglasses. When I have the coat, hat, gloves, glasses, and then the mask, life just gets really confusing. I hope you can relate to what I’m saying — TOO MANY ITEMS.

I felt so free the other day when I could walk into the mall without a coat, hat, and gloves.

shopping selfie

If you still need face masks or haven’t bought my favorite Stoney Clover tie-dye face masks with the pretty beads on the sides, you can choose from a wide selection here.They have so many face mask options right now so if you don’t want tie-dye, you can still get a pretty face mask with beads on the sides. It’s all about the beads.

OH! Bloomingdale’s has some of the Stoney Clover tie-dye face masks and solid colored face masks with beads on crazy sale. Like HALF PRICE. Grab them here!

PJ Salvage Pajamas 

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I said that I bought peppermint tea by accident? It’s so funny to me that this happened and now peppermint tea has now become one of my favorites.

Also, please note the pretty pattern of lips on my arm in the below picture. I bought a new PJ Salvage loungewear set and I’m obsessed. PJ Salvage offers some of the prettiest, cutest, most comfortable loungewear and pajamas available. We are home more than ever so it’s important to love your loungewear.

peppermint tea

You can find a wide selection of PJ Salvage here, or you can check Nordstrom Rack as they often have great deals on PJ Salvage –but act fast if you see something you like.

If you can still grab this PJ Salvage Long Sleeve Printed Wild Heart Crewneck and the matching joggers in your size, do it! You won’t be disappointed. Or this Running On Coffee Lounge top and oh, this long sleeve hoodie with stars. I love a soft hoodie for around the house.

Next Week

I’m working on a new post about winter skincare that I will (hopefully) share next Friday. It’s not that I do that much different in my skincare routine during the winter than other times of the year, but I do make sure my skin is well taken care of during the super cold months.

I’ll be chatting about my winter skincare plus my latest restock order from Drunk Elephant which also includes a few new products that I’ve added to my daily routine.Yes, I do think you are going to need all of these products. 🙂

drunk elephant products

Have a great weekend!

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