I Don’t Enjoy Winter Running But I Do It Anyway (workout recap)

Happy New Year and Happy first Monday of 2021! If you’ve come here looking for new year resolutions, goals, and inspiration in that direction, you are in the wrong place. I’m not a resolution person or goal setter – never was and never will be. I just do my thing each day without having to think, plan, and worry about meeting my own expectations. 

I was off from work last week so it was really nice to sleep later and not be on a tight morning schedule. The weather wasn’t too cold for running outside but I still don’t enjoy winter running. I’m dealing, but I’m not thrilled. The older I get, the more I appreciate the warm weather!

I did my best to push myself out the door, reminding myself that I had the time, I wasn’t in a rush, that I should take advantage of the decent winter weather, and most importantly, that I would be happy AFTER my run.

Overall for right now, I’m taking each winter week as it comes. I just keep telling myself to do the best I can running-wise for the next few months and then my running mood will improve with the return of spring/summer weather.

Also! Can we please count the major closet cleanouts I tackled last week as part of my workouts?! Literally every single day of the break, I tackled a closet or drawer for cleaning and organizing. I’m so happy with the progress I made throughout the week. My son’s room was my biggest challenge – he doesn’t even notice what I did in there though. BOYS.

Monday – 6 Miles

I felt like running today and hadn’t run a speed workout in quite a while. The weather felt warm today (40’s)  — I even took off my gloves.

Here’s what I did:

  • mile 1 – warm-up
  • mile 2 – alternating .25 hard/.25 easy
  • mile 3 – .50 hard/.10 easy/.40 hard
  • mile 4 – .25 easy/.75 hard
  • mile 5 – .10 easy/.30 hard/.10 easy/.30 hard/.10 easy/.10 hard
  • mile 6 – cool down

Tuesday – 45 Min Barre

I still like the barre workouts from Lifetime.

barre workout from lifetime

Wednesday – 6 Miles

27 degrees and totally not in the mood to run BUT  I am off from work this week so I just had to bundle up and head outside. It was really important for me to take advantage of running this week when I could. I wasn’t in a rush and didn’t have to run too early, so how could I not run? I wasn’t necessarily cold, but I felt the cold air and it annoyed me. Either way, I was out there and going to finish up the six miles I loosely planned because mental workouts are as important as physical. Mentally I needed to push myself today and not give up since I had no reason to head home early. I was happy when I finished!

Thursday – 45 Min Yoga Flow

It was raining this morning although I didn’t mind because I didn’t feel like running anyway.

lifetime yoga flow

Friday – 5 Miles

Another mental battle to get out there and run in the cold. Gosh, I really don’t like winter running! But I will do it anyway when it’s not bitterly cold and I have the time. I’m happy when I finish which is what I tell myself before I start.

Saturday – 5 Miles/10 Min Pure Barre Seat & Abs

I had a little more desire to run this morning which likely had something to do with temperatures in the 40’s.

The 10-minute Pure Barre seat & abs workout is committed to my memory so I added it on after my run and before getting in the shower.

Sunday – 45 Min Pure Barre

When I want to return to my roots for a classic Pure Barre workout, I do this 45 minute Pure Barre Foundations workout which is available for free on youtube.

pure barre

Have a great week!

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