Recent Eats + Chinese Food + Tried Duchess Cookies

Happy Wednesday! Let’s catch up on recent eats with a quick review of Duchess Cookies.

I love when I have gift cards for The Cheesecake Factory. We’ve been taking out more than dining out again as of late so I picked up the barbecue ranch salad (without the chicken). The onion strings are still my favorite.

bbq ranch salad

Here’s a great article that explains why Jewish people eat Chinese food on Christmas.

Chinese food

With Chinese food leftover from the night before, I made a stir fry for dinner. I added in the leftover cold noodles and brown rice plus had the leftover steamed vegetable dumplings on the side. Delicious.

Chinese food

I stopped for coffee on the way to meet one of my childhood friends over the weekend. It was so good to see her and her family even though it’s still odd to me that meeting at the park in the freezing cold weather is now considered normal to best maintain distance and stay healthy. Who could have ever imagined such a thing only a year ago today, right?

Either way, it was really so great to catch up with everyone and feel somewhat normal for a few hours (even though I couldn’t feel my toes by the time I left).

dunkin donuts coffee

My dad’s birthday was on Monday. Instead of a traditional birthday cake, I showed up with Duchess Cookies. My area is all hyped up about the new Duchess Cookies location so my dad’s birthday gave me an excuse to stop in to give them a try.

I believe there were five types of cookies. The cookies I chose were chocolate chip, s’mores, and funfetti. I was not interested in trying the blue cookie (I think it was called cookie monster) and then there was a green cookie that may have been Christmas-themed. Colored cookies are not my style.

duchess cookies

Here’s a peek inside my cookie box…

duchess cookies

Overall we really enjoyed the cookies. Do I think that Levain Bakery cookies are better and still my favorite? YES. But cookies are a personal opinion, especially when it comes to a traditional chocolate chip cookie. My son said he liked the Duchess cookies more than Levain Bakery. I like a gooey cookie and although these chocolate chip cookies were good and a little chewy, they were not as gooey.

I must say, the S’mores cookie was super delicious. The hint of graham cracker in every bite was just perfect.

duchess cookies

In pizza news, I picked one grandma (corner slice of course) and one slice that I’m not even sure what it’s called but it was so good that I need it again. It had little roasted vegetables possibly in a light balsamic sauce? I think? Regardless, it was so good even without knowing exactly what I was eating.


Oh, and this is funny. I meant to buy raspberry leaf tea yet somehow, came home with peppermint tea. I swear I was holding the raspberry leaf tea so not sure how this happened! But instead of returning the peppermint tea, I decided to try it and now, I really like it!

peppermint tea

I’m not a huge peppermint fan and can be really picky about my tea (certain teas make me dizzy). Peppermint tea is really good and now I go out of my way to grab a box of organic peppermint tea from Trader Joe’s. Funny how that happens.


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