The Bright Sides of 2020 (last workout recap of the year!)


Well, I guess this is my last weekly workout recap post of the year!

During a time like no other in our lifetimes, there were definitely a few unexpected highlights that I found to be positive. I’m all about looking at the bright sides and finding the positives even when that can be a hard thing to do.

When thinking about my 2020 workouts, there were definitely some positive highlights:

I haven’t run on a treadmill since early March. First, the gym in my community shut down, and then even when it reopened (late summer maybe?), the mask mandate has kept me from returning.

I haven’t really missed the treadmill. I don’t need to run indoors, I just need to run outdoors when I want to run AND the weather permits. The spring and summer months weren’t an issue and even now as we enter winter, I’m fine without the treadmill. I devised my winter running workout plan well in advance so I knew exactly how I would handle things and so far, so good. It helps that I understand that running isn’t everything and certainly not the only way to get in a great workout. I don’t need to run every day and honestly, I love not having the treadmill so that I can focus on other workouts.

I moved away from Pure Barre. While I definitely didn’t see this one coming for this year, I’m happy about it. I’ve been doing Pure Barre workouts weekly for six years. Although I do love the Pure Barre workout routine, the combination of learning to like yoga and other barre workouts mixed with Pure Barre On Demand switching to Pure Barre Go which turned out to be a disaster, I transitioned away from the platform. While I still do random Pure Barre workouts from time to time, overall I am really enjoying where I’m at with exploring other barre routines, pilates, and yoga. This year gave me the push I needed to move beyond what I was used to with my workouts. And that’s an excellent thing.

My summer runs on the boardwalk were everything.

I’ve said this so many times but the routine of running on the boardwalk every weekend over the summer was just so enjoyable. During a time when I couldn’t do a lot of the normal things that I would normally do in the summer, running outdoors at the beach and having that weekly routine really added so much to my summer, and to my year overall.

boardwalk run

boardwalk run

Last week’s workouts:

Monday – 4 Miles

The air felt glorious this morning! It was so very nice to get outside again to run now that the temperature was above freezing and the ice on the ground turned to puddles. I hadn’t run since last Tuesday so it felt oh so nice to be outside again. I would have run longer but didn’t have time. It was one of those mornings when I easily could have gone 10 miles.

running in winter

Tuesday – 3.5 Miles/20 Min Pilates

It was above freezing again so I knew I had to take advantage of the opportunity to run outdoors. I started with 20 minutes of Pilates before running since I was up and ready ahead of the sun.


Wednesday – 30 Min FIRE Yoga + 30 Min Walk

I chose the HIIT style of yoga followed by a walk for this morning. This particular 30-minute yoga goes by so quickly and isn’t overly killer. I can see myself choosing this 30-minute workout another time and combining it with the 20 minute Pilates routine.

fire yoga

Thursday – 20 Min Yoga/30 Min Run

It was 50 degrees this morning so I knew I had to get outside for a run. I wasn’t totally in the mood but certainly wasn’t going to pass up a comfortable opportunity. I started with this Power Yoga To Wake Up and then headed outside.

Friday – 45 Min Warrior Sculpt

Major rain and wind this morning meant an indoor workout. I LOVE Warrior Sculpt but it’s no walk in the park. It’s the perfect mix of cardio, strength, and yoga, giving me a real challenge that leaves me super sweaty and happily exhausted every time.

lifetime warrior sculpt

Saturday – 45 Min FIRE Yoga

I thought I would run today but the wind chill had me rethink my plan. Yoga mixed with HIIT has become my new favorite and best workout replacement for a run day.

fire yoga


Sunday – One Hour Walk

Pretty cold out there but I wanted to go for a walk. So I did.

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