Hot Cocoa Bomb + Recent Salads + Missing Disney

So suddenly the hot cocoa bomb is all the rage, right?

I received a hot cocoa bomb as a corporate holiday gift (what a great gift to send someone!) but of course, my son took it from me. He used the snow day as his excuse to need my hot chocolate.

So basically, you drop the hot chocolate bomb into a mug and then add in either hot water or milk.

hot cocoa bomb

We added warmed milk and then watched the cocoa bomb break open and dissolve itself as a mug of hot chocolate. I didn’t know the marshmallows were inside the bomb so that was fun to find.

hot cocoa bomb

In other food news, here’s a familiar salad from Pete The Greek. My standard order remains the beet salad which is a mix of romaine, kale, chopped vegetables, feta cheese, and beets on top. I ask for the dressing on the side and it also comes with tzatziki sauce. Also, I also ask for a side of hummus which I use in the salad and on the pita bread which also comes with the salad.

Pete the greek beet salad

I stopped at Town Bagel over the weekend for a chopped salad. Remember I went last week and discovered they added roasted cauliflower as an ingredient option? Here’s a full list of the salad ingredients. You fill out this sheet when you want to place a salad order.

town bagel

I was so happy to see a few of my favorite maple raisin multigrain bagels still available. These bagels tend to go quickly.

There are two options for the maple raisin multigrain bagel – with or without seeds. I’m easy and will take either but I like the bagel with the seeds the best.

town bagel

This time they chopped the roasted cauliflower – last week it was on top. I saved my bagel as I did last week to have for dinner but didn’t take a picture. Same combo though of toasting the bagel with melted mozzarella cheese topped with mashed avocado and tomato. So good.

town bagel salad

I can’t help but think of being in Disney World this time of year.

My son and I were technically due to be there this week. We developed a habit of heading down to Disney every December break and then more recently, every other December. We usually go ahead of Christmas and fly home on the holiday since we don’t celebrate and can get a great price on the flights.

Obviously we didn’t go this year. Even my son, a senior in high school, said yesterday that it would have been nice to go to Disney. We both sat here last night suddenly contemplating how we can pull a last-minute trip together until I reminded us that we would need to get tested and go through all of that jazz, quickly putting a damper on our spontaneous escape from New York.

When we were last in Disney in December 2018, I wasn’t sure if we would be going again in 2020 because I assumed my son would be too old to care, not realizing the main reason we wouldn’t go would be a global pandemic.

I’m just over here missing my chocolate covered apple with Mickey Mouse marshmallow ears.


If you are interested, I have a few Disney Recaps from some of our trips which of course feature what we ate. 🙂

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cinderella's castle

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