I Like Other Workouts Too (weekly workout recap)

Last week I mentioned that running less may become a trend for me this winter and in some ways, that’s already the case.  While I did get outside over the weekend, the majority of my workouts last week were indoors, and not on a treadmill. Remember, the gym in my community is requiring masks and I don’t want to run with one so that eliminates the treadmill as one of my workout options in the foreseeable future.

I am okay with this. Actually, I’m more than okay. I really like the indoor workouts I’ve been doing. Between the various types of yoga, barre, and pilates, I feel so much stronger and more energized. I’ve learned over the last few years that running less also means I have more energy (mentally and physically) to give to other workouts so I can really push myself 110% to make them count. It’s amazing to me how challenging the HIIT yoga workouts can be and how much I enjoy them!

Monday – 30 Min SOL Yoga/15 Core

I could have run but the 27 degrees on a Monday morning left me completely uninterested even though I didn’t run over the weekend either.

I like this yoga practice and then I added a core workout to finish up the morning.


Tuesday – 45 Min Pilates

I always say this but I learned so much about pilates in Pure Barre.


Wednesday – 45 Min Barre3

Thursday – 30 Min Run

It’s finally a little warmer today (37 degrees) and I also had a little more interest in getting outside this morning. Worth noting that I am sore from yesterday’s barre workout.

Also worth noting that I hadn’t run since last Friday.

Friday – 45 Min FIRE Yoga

I chose this HIIT style yoga workout in place of a possible run today – just love this type of workout!

fire yoga

Saturday – 6 Miles

I was more in the mood to run today and it was in the high 40’s too! Foggy and maybe some misty rain towards the end but it didn’t bother me. I planned on five miles but added a cool down mile to make it six total.

Sunday – 6 Miles

Bright sunshine and in the 50’s today so I just had to get outside and take advantage. I was on the phone for the last half of this run which is really how I ended up continuing to six miles.

It’s looking much colder for this week with rain for today and snowstorm for Wednesday and Thursday. If I wanted to run, I think tomorrow may be the only option but that would mean that I wake up interested and in the mood to run in the cold. We shall see. Have a great week!

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