Recent Eats: Roasted Brussels Sprouts + Pizza + Best Latkes

Since Thanksgiving, I’ve been back to roasting brussels sprouts at home. Roasted brussels sprouts were always a favorite of mine but then my stomach became more sensitive to them. I think because I stopped eating them as often so when I did, it was harder to digest because my body wasn’t as used to eating them. These last few weeks though, I’ve felt fine eating the roasted brussels sprouts.

What I’ve been doing to make sure that the brussels sprouts don’t bother my stomach is to only to eat a few, roast them in a good amount of olive oil (I think it makes a difference), and give them enough time to get good and soft in the oven.

I’ve been adding the roasted brussels sprouts (cut up small) into a lot of meals including salads. You can barely notice the brussels sprouts in the below salad which I had with a slice of Sicilian pizza. Corner slice, of course. I always ask for the corner slice.

sicilian pizza

My standard lunch when I’m really not sure what to eat/don’t even have much to choose from in the house is always a slice of toasted cinnamon raisin Ezekiel bread with mashed chickpeas and avocado plus a sprinkle of everything but the bagel seasoning. It’s so good, even my son enjoys it lately for lunch.

mashed chickpeas and avocado

Speaking of my son, it’s quite nice that he has his driver’s license and own car because I can kindly ask him to pick up pizza for me. He was going to be near Villa Monte so I asked him ever so sweetly if he could please bring his mother home a slice of whole wheat vegetable pizza. And he, on his own, knew that I needed a side of sauce with it. What a nice boy.

whole wheat vegetable pizza

Hanukkah is tomorrow night!

We were planning where to get our latkes from (because I am not making them this year) and funny enough, I was reading in a post from someone in a local Facebook foodie group looking for advice on which place has the best latkes on Long Island. Funny enough, most replies said to try the frozen latkes from Trader Joe’s!

We have bought the Trader Joe’s frozen potato pancakes in the past (latkes are potato pancakes) and agree that they come out shockingly delicious so I grabbed a box over the weekend. I prefer my latkes with apple sauce even if some people say latkes are best with sour cream. No way, apple sauce all the way.

rader jobs lakes

If you are interested in my healthy sweet potato latke recipe, here it is.

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