Recent Meals: Leftovers + Air Fried Chinese Food + Fudge

Oh, hi. It’s Wednesday already! I have a few recent meals to quickly discuss so let’s get to it…

I think this sort of counts as Thanksgiving leftovers. With leftover roasted Brussels sprouts and asparagus plus sweet potato and mashed cauliflower, I combined it all in a bowl and added chickpeas. It was delicious. Who needs turkey?

plant based bowl

Why do I always forget the name of this vegetable stir fry from Trader Joe’s? I think it’s the miso and brown rice stir fry? It’s located in the refrigerated section. I added chickpeas and avocado. This is nice to have in the house when you aren’t sure what to eat.

Trader Joe's vegetable stir fry

Vegetable slice to go please, not heated up. That’s how I place my order.

veggie pizza

So a new Chinese place opened in our area. Mogu is a little different from the regular Chinese restaurants that are on every corner here in that they air fry the food that is usually fried.

While we still need to try so many more of the menu options, I can tell you that the vegetable egg roll, which was air fried, tasted exactly the same as a regular egg roll. It was so good! The steamed dumplings were really good too, although I don’t think they were steamed any different from the usual. I really need my son to try the sesame chicken and things like that. Maybe I will have that review next week.

mogul Chinesemogul Chinese

I couldn’t resist the fudge st Stew Leonard’s. I walked in for a salad and left with M&Ms fudge. The cute little knife gets me every time.


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