Pizza + Zucchini Linguine + Chunky Lentil Soup

I have three meals worth sharing with you today!

First, my whole wheat margarita pizza with a salad. Seems repetitive but lately, it really hasn’t been! I haven’t been eating this combo as often so it was a nice change for dinner the other night. In fact, maybe this will be my dinner tonight. I think I am now in the mood for pizza.

whole wheat pizza

We went out for dinner to celebrate my friend’s birthday over the weekend. I kept saying how grateful I was to be able to go out for her birthday because only five months ago, we were not able to go ANYWHERE for my birthday. Nothing was open at that point due to the quarantine and combined with the rioting that week as well, it was not exactly a good time. At all.

We first tried to go to Dirty Taco but as expected, the wait was super long. After considering the waits at a few more restaurants, we ended up at Iavarone for dinner. I had the zucchini linguine primavera. It was delicious.

if you are interested, I once wrote a post about the best places for zucchini pasta in New York. It could use some updates but it’s still a nice roundup.

zucchini pasta

Would you believe I cooked something?! I made the chunky lentil soup recipe which I’ve shared here on the blog. Actually, I didn’t even pull up the recipe when I made it, I just went by memory. I’m sure I missed a spice and I used both green and red lentils because I had them in the house. It came out SO GOOD that you just must make this recipe. It’s more of a stew if you ask me, which is likely why I love it so much.

The picture doesn’t do the lentil soup justice.

chunky lentil soup

Here’s one more lentil soup picture that I think is more appetizing. Regardless of how it looks, I’m telling you it’s super tasty. And healthy too. 🙂

lentil soup

Let me know if you try the chunky lentil soup recipe!

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