Tried Barre3 (And Like It!) + New Adidas Solar Boosts

So last week I decided to try Barre3 workouts.

After six solid years of Pure Barre, it’s been fun and rejuvenating to do something different. For quite some time, I refused to look at other barre routines but now? I’m really enjoying the variety of trying different barre workout styles and variations.

During my first Barre3 workout, I knew right away that I loved it. Here’s the thing though– it’s extremely hard for me to compare Barre3 to Pure Barre at this time. I can’t tell you just yet which I like better because although I do see the differences, I think I’m also coming from a place of feeling refreshed and energized by a new to me routine. Let’s give it a little more time before I decide which barre workout I like best. It’s possible I decide that I like both Barre3 and Pure Barre for different reasons. It may not be one over the other, it may be more of why each barre routine is terrific in its own ways.

In running news, it was suddenly time for a new pair of running shoes. When I say suddenly, I mean like overnight my Ghosts felt burned out.

And hey! Look who went back to Adidas! I decided to try on the Solar Boosts again yesterday and my feet recognized the familiar cushioning and comfort. Long time readers may recall that I swore by Adidas Energy Boosts/Solar Boosts for a straight six years before suddenly switching over to Brooks. While I did love the Ghosts, I don’t love how quickly I felt that I needed a new pair. The Solar Boosts tend to last longer so hopefully, that’s the case this time around too.

Today will likely be my first run in my new shoes. I’m really looking forward to it.

Adidas solar boost

Monday – 45 Minute Barre3

After running both Saturday and Sunday, I decided to check out Barre3 barre workouts today. I found this one on YouTube and loved it! It was challenging yer familiar, yet different from Pure Barre. I knew right away that I would be sore.

Tuesday – 3 Mile Run

Yep, I’m sore from yesterday’s workout! But not too sore to run a few easy miles. It wasn’t raining or terribly windy (okay it was pretty windy but not as windy as yesterday) so I was happy to head outside.

Wednesday – 5 Miles

I jumped into intervals after a mile warm-up. Intervals always get me immediately engaged in a run.

  • Mile 1: warm-up
  • Mile 2: alternating .25 hard/.25 easy
  • Mile 3, 4: alternating .50 hard/.25 easy
  • Mile 5: .10 easy/.90 hard

Thursday – 30 Min Barre3

Another great Barre3 workout!

Friday – 5 Miles

Nothing fancy here, just an easy run with a fast finish for the last mile.

Saturday – 6 Miles

The weather was warm and sunny but I wasn’t overly feeling this run today. I thought I would run seven miles but stopped at six miles simply because I just didn’t feel like continuing.

Sunday – 60 Min Barre3

I found this 60 Min Barre3 workout and couldn’t believe how fast the time went.


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