Emily and I Like The Same Unsalted Peanut Butter?

Oh, hi! I’m checking in today, Thursday, instead of yesterday. It’s been a crazy week (I feel as though I say that a lot lately) but I didn’t want the week to pass without a quick food discussion.

We left off last week with me saying that I’m not sure what I feel like eating.I still sort of feel that way but I’m moving along as best as possible.

I’ve definitely been making it a point to get lunch at Wild Fig when I can. Even though I’m really not sure what it is I truly want to eat, I do know that I’m in the mood for Wild Fig salads.

I think it’s really about mixing up my usual salad ingredients. There’s no reason to stop eating salad, it’s more a need to recreate the usual combinations, flavors, and ingredients.

I wonder if I could recreate Wild Fig’s lentil salad. That’s what you see scooped in the middle of the salad bowl. It’s so good.

wild fig

Although I’m not much of a soup eater unless I’m sick, the endless days of rain combined with the time change and cold weather left me in the mood for matzoh ball soup.

I was so happy to spot a container of my aunt’s matzoh ball soup in my freezer. She makes it the best because it’s not too salty. And the matzoh balls are great too. They aren’t too big, although I always break them all up anyway into the soup.

matzoh ball soup

Have I mentioned that I bought Trader Joe’s unsalted crunchy peanut butter by accident recently? I actually realized that I like it SO MUCH BETTER than the salted peanut butter. Although I wasn’t sure why it was that I found this peanut butter so delicious, it was so funny to me when I saw the reference to this very peanut butter during an episode of Emily in Paris. Are you watching Emily in Paris on Netflix? I bounce between only watching shows like Fauda and Tehran and then get all lighted-hearted with Emily in Paris. 

The fact that Emily had a case of this very peanut butter delivered to her apartment in Paris (and it arrived crushed, she was pretty upset) made me realize there must be something to this unsalted peanut butter. Who knew it was so good?

trader joes organic crunchy peanut butter unsalted

And just quickly about the salads that I’ve been making at home. I haven’t taken a picture of my salads (because hi, I’m not only bored eating the salads I make but I’m bored of looking at them too) but I have done something a little different to make me happy this week. My biggest issue has been tomatoes. I am bored with tomatoes. So this week, I started roasting the mini pearl tomatoes with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar which was a genius thing for me to remember to do. I love roasted tomatoes and the balsamic vinegar makes all the difference in flavor. Salads with both hot and cold ingredients are always so delicious.

Give it a try and let me know what you think!




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