Cake To Make It All Better + Rainy Workouts From Week

Should we talk about the endless days of rain or just move on from the experience?

How about we discuss my slice of Linda’s Fudge Cake which has nothing to do with my workouts but everything to do with making me happy. The endless rain had me so annoyed by midweek last week that I was contemplating a slice of cake for lunch because the cake for lunch approach often fixes my mood. I mean, not only were the days gloomy but some days the rain was too cold and too heavy for me to run or even get outside during the day for a walk. I can handle a day of rain, maybe two, but not like twelve in a row. No thank you.

But then, I decided to hold off on my cake for lunch emotional eating session and save it for when my boyfriend was leaving again. He often leaves on short notice and this time around, I did know it was coming, just wasn’t sure when so I figured that once I found out, I would have a slice of Linda’s Fudge Cake to make it feel a little bit better.

I’m certainly not against emotional eating. In fact, I think when used in balance with everything else, it’s a happy part of life. Honestly, just having the cake plan in place made it all okay. It’s the littlest things, you know?

linda's fudge cake

As for my workouts, the rain did make things a struggle. I got outside early in the week to run but then not again until the weekend. Remember, the gym in my community reopened but I won’t run on the treadmill with a mask on, not to mention, we have to reserve our time slot and from what I understand, the gym isn’t even open until 10:00 AM.

I’m doing my best over here during weather situations that prevent me from getting outside for days in a row. It’s hard without the gym/treadmill but I will make it work. I have to make it work! No sense in getting upset about it.

The bright side right now is the time change. If you are a morning runner, you have to be happy like I am to have the extra daylight back. Even if it’s shortlived, I will take advantage as often as I can over the next few weeks while praying for fewer days of rain.

Monday – 4 Miles

Another cloudy, gloomy morning that wasn’t showing rain on the radar but was, in fact, lightly raining during my run.

Tuesday – 4 Miles

I flip-flopped between intervals, running by distance and then by time, and then back to distance for a total of four miles. Still no sun! It’s been DAYS of clouds.

Wednesday – Nothing in Morning/Walk During Day

Another morning of rain although I did run two days in a row so I wasn’t about to push myself outside into the dark gloomy air. I did things around the house and then went for a few walks throughout the day once it’s stopped raining. Although when I say stopped raining, I’m pretty sure it was still misting.

Thursday – 45 Min Xtreme

More rain! It’s not even funny anymore. Today was more rain than I like to run in so I chose Xtreme because I knew it would really make me sweat.


Friday – 30 Min Fire

Ok seriously, more rain. I was sore from yesterday’s workout, would have liked to run outdoors, but that wasn’t happening.

I ended up with a Fire workout and really enjoyed it. It was actually perfect since it blends yoga with some cardio bursts.

fire yoga

Saturday – 7 Miles

I was SO HAPPY to see the sun this morning! It didn’t even matter to me that I had to bundle up for my run in winter-like temperatures. I was just so happy to get outside to run.

Sunday – 7 Miles

No rain in the morning (rain in the afternoon though!) and not as cold so it was a perfect opportunity to run again this morning. Gotta take advantage of getting outside to run when I can.

The week ahead looks rain-free! Let’s hope it stays that way.

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