Workouts + Missing Summer + Virtual Racing

Last week remains a blur of excitement, work, and gloomy weather. Where is the sun?

Running didn’t happen early in the week but then I ran three days in a row. Some weeks are just like this and at this point in the year, my goal is to get outside when I can and when I really feel like it. I’m a summer runner at heart and as pretty as the leaves look, this is just not my favorite time of year for running.


Sure, it’s nice when it’s crisp and bright out there, but the darker mornings and the looming winter season is just not inviting to me. I’ll take the heat, sweat, and humidity over the faster paces produced in colder weather any day.

My boyfriend did have the genius idea of starting to race each other virtually once he leaves again for overseas this week. Why didn’t we think of this sooner? We had grand plans of running our own 5K last week but that didn’t happen. It’s okay because now I’m so happy he suggested virtual racing. Racing each other will motivate me in the morning and inspire me to go fast. See why I like him?

Monday – 3 Mile Walk

I ran Saturday and Sunday so I was due for a walk day.

Tuesday – 30 Min Warrior Sculpt

Rainy morning = Lifetime’s Warrior Sculpt Workout

lifetime warrior sculpt

Wednesday – 3 Mile Walk

Too much excitement this week for me to even feel like running.

Thursday – 3 Miles/10 Min Pure Barre seat & abs

My eyelashes were very wet from the fog this morning. What a week of gloomy, damp, cloudy weather.

While I no longer subscribed to Pure Barre, I do have the 10-minute seat and abs workout memorized so I was able to do the routine myself.

Friday – 4 Miles

I thought it was simply another cloudy morning but it was actually a light misty rain throughout my run.

Saturday – 8 Miles

No rain or fog this morning but plenty of clouds. Let’s call this run a fast finish run which was not my plan but just how things worked out.

My friend called me on the phone a mile into my run so I ended up chatting with her until almost mile six. Once we were done talking, I decided to increase my effort (since I had been running easy to continue to talk for so long while running) for the last two miles of the run.

Sunday – 45 Min Barre/45 Min Walk

barre workout from lifetime


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