City + Bagels + Nylon Totes + Fashion Finds (Friday Faves)

Oh, hi! It’s Friday!

I was a little thrown off by exciting happenings in my world this week. As I mentioned a while ago, my relationship is long distance for this year. Long-distance as in, overseas at a location I can’t even visit.

BUT! He was able to come back this week for some work-related stuff so as soon as I could, I was in the city.

I hadn’t been to the city since early May. This may have been the longest period of time that I hadn’t been to the city in my life. It looked the same I suppose even though there’s less traffic, fewer people, and the mask thing still seems weird to see.


In favorite food news from the week, we both had toasted cinnamon raisin bagels although I was in the mood for jelly instead of cream cheese. I’m making sure he hits the important foods list while home in New York. You know, like bagels, pizza, and rainbow cookies.

cinnamon raisin bagel

Oh! In other Friday Favorite news, you know how I love a good tote, right? Well, I bought this Longchamp Le Pliage Neo Large Nylon Tote and it’s simply perfect. If you need a versatile yet classic tote that you can use anywhere for anything and always look polished, this is it. I also like this Longchamp medium tote which comes with a crossbody strap. it’s just a little smaller than the large but the crossbody strap is amazing.

This tote holds SO MUCH. Trust me. I tested out just how much it fit as soon as I brought it home. I can fit my laptop, a Stoney Clover flat pouch, two Stoney Clover small pouches, and clothes. This tote is perfect as a work bag, travel bag, everyday bag, and overnight bag.

longchamp la pliage large nylon

Speaking of nylon bags, I’ve been thrilled to be using this particular Prada nylon purse from my college days, which was 20 years ago. I felt inspired to take this handbag out from my old classic collection as I noticed the Prada re-editions of this style for this season.

I find it exciting when my old classic handbags (and shoes!) are trending again. My mother, on the other hand, kindly told me that you know you are getting old when your handbags and shoes from 20 years ago are back in style. And I say, who cares if I’m getting older when I have super trendy expensive accessories to use now that I paid for 20 years ago? I held on to my chunky Gucci loafers and boots too, just waiting for them to be in style again. And that time is NOW. So what if I’m 20 years older? 🙂

Prada nylon

Shopbop has certain Stoney Clover pouches on sale today.

Bloomingdale’s now sells Stoney Clover face masks! This is a major win for us because you can likely grab them in person at the store (like I did!), order online, and probably receive free shipping, AND, Bloomingdale’s runs so many promotions. Right now is BUY MORE SAVE MORE so ordering the masks with other items will likely score you a sale price.

This long sleeve cozy bodysuit is on sale and is super comfortable. It fits true to size too. It’s a great find. Also on sale! Sherpa Half-Zips — super soft and cozy.

And finally, the Converse Run Star Hike is back in stock in a ton of sizes! I LOVE THESE SHOES.

Have a great weekend!











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