Boardwalk Run + Wide Variety of Workouts (workout recap)

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A few notes from last week’s workouts before getting to the traditional recap:

Last week I mentioned that I no longer subscribe to Pure Barre GO. It’s a slight adjustment but not so bad. I’ve really migrated my routine to a wider mix of strength workouts over the last several months rather than relying solely on Pure Barre which makes this easier.

The one thing I miss is the option for 10-minute Pure Barre workouts. Although the truth really is, if I only want 10 minutes of Pure Barre, I can create my own routine and watch the clock OR cut down the 30 and 45 minute Pure Barre options that I have. I was spending more time within Pure Barre GO trying to find where they hid the 10-minute workout options anyway. Also, I still love reading complaints from other Pure Barre GO users on social media and I’m still receiving emails from others who have had the exact same Pure Barre complaints as I do!

I ran less during the week but kinda didn’t notice? Normally I run an average of four days a week but last week, I ran three days without totally realizing. I had planned on running a few miles Friday morning but, well, decided to walk instead.

And finally, worth noting, I made it to the beach on Saturday for a boardwalk run. After a long week of work, it was nice to have the beach as my change of running scenery. I miss summer.

boardwalk run

Monday – 45 Min En Barre/30 Min Walk

en barre

Tuesday – 5 Miles

I didn’t write the details of this run down quick enough so I sort of forget what I did but I know there were speed intervals.

Wednesday – 3 Quick Miles/30 Min Glute Workout

Within a few steps of my warm-up mile, I decided to run 3 miles quickly and then come home for a glute workout. It’s not that I didn’t want to run, I just felt like mixing things up today. 3 Miles = around 25 minutes.

This glute workout was great and went by so quickly. I knew immediately that I would be sore for days.

glutei workout

Thursday – 30 Min Fire/Walk

Yup, I’m sore today from yesterday’s glute workout! This FIRE class is a good one – a great mix of yoga with some cardio (I wouldn’t call it too intense although it really depends upon your personal effort level).

fire yoga

Friday – 35 Min Pure Barre/Walk

Still sore from the glute workout!

I found this Pure Barre workout on youtube. I’ve always liked this instructor and enjoyed the workout. The warm-up is different from the standard Pure Barre routine although I don’t mind – it’s nice to do something different considering how long I’ve been doing Pure Barre workouts. I recommend this workout for sure, and will likely come back to it more often now that I no longer subscribed to Pure Barre GO.

Saturday – 8 Miles

I was so happy to run the boardwalk this morning! It was super windy heading west but the sun and scenery made up for that part of my run. It was less crowded than a summer beach day but still packed with runners and walkers on the boardwalk.

I ran my 8-mile workout and the time flew by. It was nice to run the boardwalk in cooler temperatures BUT overall, summer is still my favorite running season even with high heat and humidity.


Sunday – 30 Min SOL Yoga/4 Mile Walk

I love yoga lately but I do have to be careful of certain poses that can make me dizzy. Mostly it’s the spine type of twists. I gotta go slow, not stand up too fast from a forward fold, and skip certain poses depending upon how I feel.


Have a great week!

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    Have you tried any of the barre workouts from Nourish, Move, Love? I haven’t done that many of them, but I have liked the ones I’ve done so far, and the instructor is really peppy and encouraging.

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