Birthday Dinners + Birthday Cakes (My Son’s Birthday)

Yesterday was my son’s birthday! 17. Who can believe that? I know I can’t. I mean, I’ve been writing this blog since he was what — nine years old?! That alone is crazy to me. But the fact that I have a son who is seventeen, driving his own car and applying to college (well I’m the one who is doing all of that paperwork) is just complete insanity.

Backing up a bit to last Friday, I met my friend Lisa for a quick lunch outdoors at Chopt. I hadn’t actually seen Lisa in MONTHS that she even joked that maybe we wouldn’t recognize each other since we were wearing masks. I used to see Lisa literally every day when our boys were babies/toddlers. We did everything together to keep those two (and ourselves) busy and happy. We were the queens of mall walking with strollers (which was my only form of exercise back then and I wouldn’t change that decision for the world).


Flashback photo to my son’s first birthday party with Lisa and her son! Our boys are ten days apart so Lisa and I always planned their parties at the same time, even having their first birthday parties at the same place with the same theme, same balloons, and the same party favors. Those were the days!

benji first birthday

My son has been celebrating his birthday for days with both friends and family. One night of birthday dinners, we had dinner from Mother Kelly’s. I had the hot-cold salad which is simply THE BEST salad. Truly, the hot-cold salad has the best combination of ingredients and flavors which doesn’t shock me. Mother Kelly’s has always been a top Long Island Italian restaurant and one of my favorites since I’m a little girl. It was always my choice for my birthday dinners growing up.

hot cold salad

I wanted to get creative this year with my son’s birthday cake because he was going to be having so many but no, he wants his favorite classic birthday cake combination and I can respect that. Yellowcake with chocolate fudge frosting. Thankfully he doesn’t request vanilla frosting, I would need my own cake if he did that.

birthday cake

Here’s a quick picture while we were unpacking last night’s birthday dinner. A wide range of sushi and appetizers from Cirella’s.


We did slightly vary last night’s birthday cake to a chocolate cake with the chocolate fudge frosting! As long as he picks chocolate fudge frosting, I’m thrilled.

chocolate fudge birthday cake

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What’s your favorite type of birthday cake?

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