Done With Pure Barre Go + 5 Mile Runs (weekly workout recap)

Well, the time has come to be officially done with Pure Barre GO. If you have been reading for a while, you know that I have not been happy with Pure Barre’s switch from Pure Barre On Demand to Pure Barre GO. Especially during the pandemic, I remain shocked and dismayed that, at a time when virtual workout options are more important than ever, the Pure Barre people completely dropped the ball. I still don’t know why they are terrible at customer support, why they changed the Pure Barre On Demand platform, or why they couldn’t get their technical act together to make Pure Barre GO an organized place for their workout videos.

I’ve been doing Pure Barre workouts for six years. And I mean, a solid six years on a weekly basis. Slowly though, through a combination of hating Pure Bare GO and realizing that I love other strength workouts including other barre routines and Warrior Sculpt, I’ve been skipping Pure Barre in favor of other options.

And then, Pure Barre GO dropped me. Don’t ask me exactly why, but my account was gone and told me I can start a free trial. WHAT? I haven’t even bothered to ask as I know that I won’t receive a response unless I leave a rude comment on social media. My thinking is that my credit card changed and I didn’t update it quickly enough for them (although I don’t recall a recent email asking me to?) and hey, how about a prompt within my account or even an email to say we need your new card otherwise your account is canceled. And if I missed one email, how about one more as a reminder?

Either way, I took this as a sign to not renew Pure Barre and simply move on. I love the Lifetime workouts I’ve been doing…and I can still do Pure Barre if I want. I have four Pure Barre workout DVD’s and I know there are a few Pure Barre workouts available on Youtube. The truth is, I have many Pure Barre exercises memorized. I can certainly do my own routine although I like to follow along with an instructor. I’ll keep you posted on what it’s like to not have my Pure Barre subscription.

pure barre dvd

haven’t used these Pure Barre DVD’s in forever!

A few other notes:

5 miles became the magic number this week without any formal workout included. At least I don’t think so. My week was so busy that I didn’t write my workouts down as quickly as usual but I’m pretty positive I didn’t do anything other than head outside, run 5 miles, and come back home.

I was hoping to run the boardwalk on Sunday but it just didn’t happen. At least I still ran my neighborhood! I had time, desire, and energy to run, I just didn’t have the time to head to Long Beach. I couldn’t rush out the door Sunday morning or lose the time that I needed on the weekend to do college stuff, food shopping, and my son’s birthday shopping.

Monday – 5 Miles

Tuesday – One Hour Walk

Wednesday – 45 Min Barre

I like the barre workouts from Lifetime very much. They are different from Pure Barre but after six years of the same, it’s nice to do something different. I would describe the Lifetime barre workouts as strength workouts with cardio and ballet-inspired exercises. This is really how I like my strength workouts to be.

lifetime barre

Thursday – 5 Miles

Friday – 45 Min Warrior Sculpt

lifetime warrior sculpt

Saturday – 5 Miles

Sunday – 5 Miles



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