Lighter Week In Workouts (weekly workout recap)

Checking in super quick on this Yom Kippur with my workouts from last week.

My interest in running last week was lower than it had been in a bit so it became a natural cut back week in workouts. At a quick glance, it doesn’t seem that I did less because I still do something every morning but overall, my workouts and runs were lower in mileage and intensity.

Monday – 20 Min Pure Barre/One Hour Walk

Tuesday – 3 Mile Run/1 Mile Walk

SO COLD. I mentioned on Friday that this time of year is perfect for lululemon tops with cuffins rather than breaking out the gloves and mittens just yet.

cuff over mittens

Wednesday – 5 Miles

The weather was nicer today in that it wasn’t as cold and I was in the mood to run more than I had been all week. My overall pace was in the 8’s, even with warm-up and cool down, so I know it’s definitely cooler out there than its been in a long time.

My workout went like this:

  • 1-mile warm-up
  • 3 miles effort
  • 1-mile cooldown

Thursday – 30 Min Pure Barre/30 Min Walk

Friday – 3 Miles

Saturday – 7 Miles

I had considered running on the boardwalk this morning. However, I slept late and then got a slow start so I just ran my neighborhood instead. It was warmer and humid but totally not complaining about it!

I made this workout up as I went along:

  • Mile 1: warm-up
  • Mile 2: .25 hard/.25 easy/.25 hard/.25 easy
  • Mile 3: .50 hard/.25 easy/.25 hard
  • Mile 4: .25 easy/.75 hard
  • Mile 5: .25 easy/.50 hard/.25 easy
  • Mile 6: full effort
  • Mile 7: alternating .10 hard/.10 easy

Sunday – 45 Min Barre/ Walk

I chose a barre workout from Lifetime and it did not disappoint.

barre workout from lifetime

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