Weekly Workout Recap

Some notes from last week’s workouts:

Even if I established summer as my favorite running season, there’s no denying the thrill of running in the suddenly cooler morning temperatures. It’s glorious and refreshing.

With the transition to fall comes my ability to take walks during the day. It had been so hot that I would step outside for a quick break from work to take a walk, only to last five minutes before going back to the house. Now that it’s cooler, I’m definitely aiming to take walks during the day when I can. Even just ten or twenty minutes is so nice this time of year and a nice break from the computer screen. If I have a call scheduled that doesn’t require me to be in front of my laptop, I definitely take advantage of speaking on the phone while on my walk.

The leaves have not started changing just yet.

walking path

Also! The gym in my community has reopened…with restrictions. Aside from limits to gym hours and capacity, the spacing out treadmills, and needing to reserve your workout window in advance, face masks are required at all times. I understand the mandate, but won’t be using the gym. Running indoors with a mask on is not for me. I already outlined my winter running plan and I intend to follow that until masks for running indoors are lifted. I do not see that happen anytime soon though.

Monday – 5 Miles

2 miles easy + 2 miles effort + 1 mile alternating .10 hard/.10 easy

Tuesday – 20 Min Pure Barre/45 Min Walk

Wednesday – 5.5 Miles

I’m pretty sure this is what my run looked like today. I made it up as I went along and felt terrific with the temps in the 50’s.

  • Mile 1: Warm-up
  • Mile 2: .25 hard/.25 easy/.25 hard/.25 easy
  • Mile 3: .50 hard/.25 easy/.25 hard
  • Mile 4: .25 easy/.75 hard
  • Mile 5: 1-mile hard effort followed by a cooldown

Thursday – 5 Miles Easy

I saw rain in the forecast for tomorrow and wasn’t sure if it would be heavy or what so I figured I would run again today at an easy effort. It was more humid today than its been all week but still nice.

Friday – 45 Min Warrior Sculpt

Once again I will announce my love for Warrior Sculpt.

lifetime warrior sculpt

Saturday – 10 Miles

Please understand that I had absolutely no intention of running 10 miles this morning! I was a little sore from Warrior Sculpt (my fault for doing that workout yesterday knowing I would want to run today) and the wind was pretty gusty throughout the morning. 50 degrees felt nice though and I wasn’t in a rush so once I was feeling warmed up, the miles flew by. I reached 7, then continued to 8, and then hey, why not 9. And then, why not go to 10? Just like I said last week, this is exactly how you run longer distances. Once you are used to routinely running a certain number of miles, your body totally adjusts (mentally and physically) and can easily continue further than you would think.

Sunday – One Hour Walk

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